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  • I wish this would be updated for Firefox Quantum. It's a great plugin, it makes things so much easier. It used to be that I could install the 1.3.1 version (the xpi file) all the way through Firefox 56 and it worked. But Quantum refuses to load it, claiming it's "corrupt".
  • Great addon but does not work in 64bit ESR 52.5.2. Still works in Pale Moon though, so gets 2 stars instead of one.
  • I love this plug-in but now that Firefox has delivered its latest super duper Quantum, it has disappeared. Oh well - try to try a different browser
  • I've loved this extension for years now. Strangely just recently it's started acting very funny and I haven't even updated firefox yet (Running 32-bit 54.0.1). I understand it won't work in the latest version. But suddenly now when I hit "Add to favorites..." it locks up the window, and maybe a minute later the dialog might pop up, or maybe I have to force a browser restart. I've tried moving a bunch of old favorites to another non-favorites folder so it doesn't have as many to load, but it's still very laggy. I don't know if one of my other extensions auto-updated recently and somehow broke it, but I just can't tell what's locking it up.

    At any rate it's looking like this and "Windows Favorites" are no longer going to be an option soon depending on what Mozilla decides to do in the future about file system access permissions or something like that, so I might have to finally migrate to the built-in bookmarks feature and hope that it's at least functional for my needs if not ideal, I'll have to adapt I guess. This was one of the main reasons I wasn't using the 64-bit version too, so maybe I can run that more often. I do know I usually have a /ton/ of tabs open, usually just as placeholders for stuff I eventually want to go back and read, but I guess I should go through and bookmark them all and then close them, it would most likely be a /lot/ more responsive. Anyway, more RAM would be good.
  • I used Plain Old Favorites for years and loved it. Finally it stopped working with a recent version of Firefox. Too bad the developer chose not to continue updating it. A post below from two years ago mentions a similar addon named Windows Favorites. I started using it with Firefox 56, and it works for me. But it is a Legacy addon, and I understand that it too will stop working when Firefox 57 arrives in a few days. So after 30 years of using Favorites with Internet Explorer and Firefox, it seems that I will finally have to switch to bookmarks.
  • Werde keine neue Version von Firefox auf meinen PC instalieren solange dieses Programm nicht kompatibel ist !!
  • I really liked P.O.F., but now...not working. Forced to use FF's bookmarks and move everything over. Oh well, all good things they say never last.
  • Would be better to also support 64-bit FF.
    Principle of this addon is great
  • Please make the code public so those of us with programming skills could continue your work! Thank you
  • Hi, sorry but I must abate your hope (I'm not a developer of this add-on). Did you check the version information below? The last version is from 2013!
  • This is a must for me any pretty much all the people I've help move to FF, but now the plug-in isn't working. Wish this would just be part of FF and not a plug-in so it stops breaking. Hopefully it will be fixed soon!
  • Hey Guys whats Wrong why is there no 64bit version? because it still does'nt work? even with FF 46.01....
    Please Fix Thankyou.
    and then you will get 5 stars :)
  • I'm still using 43.01 because I do not want to miss this addon.
    Ist 43.04 compatible with PlainOldFavorites?
  • Love this add-on. Would even be willing to pay for it & I have never paid for an add-on yet.
  • This add-on is absolutely fantastic, and also essential to my daily work flow. Unfortunately it no longer works with the 64-bit version of Firefox. If you'd no longer like to develop it, could you please make the code public so those of us with programming experience could continue your excellent work?

    Thank you!
  • Been loving this add-on for a few years. Got it working with 32 bit Firefox 43 with a tweak to the config (allow unsigned add-ons), but she don't wanna work with 64 bits. Here's hoping a fix for that comes soon!
  • v43.0.2 (32 or 64 bit ... tried both) breaks the Favorites Menu when Firefox is either made the default browser or is set to check for default browser. The Favorites pulldown menu is there, but there's nothing in it and it doesn't work. I was forced to re-install v42
  • I have it working by setting xpinstall.signatures.required=false in 'about:config page' as described in this link:

    Do at your own risk of course, but I use IE and FF about 50/50 and have become spoiled, so can't live without this :)
  • Hi.
    I tested again also the version 1.4.1-signed
    The installation is OK, but when I opened FF, the favorites menu is blank.
    Thanks. Bye.
  • Please get this Add-on Signed as soon as you can so it works with FF41. I love your add-on, its so much better than the native FF favorites.
  • Tried Version 1.4 and so far it seems OK. The only thing is that it breaks my menu with its extra entries (besides 'Favorites' there are three more: Add to Favorite, Manage Favorite and Open in Tabs). (NB: That's my translation from the German version I use.)

    It would be great if there was an option in the settings of this extension, which allows to disable the extra menu items.

  • Ref.: "See complete version history"

    Thanks Alex.
  • Thanks fir99! Your link worked for me as well! And of course many thanks to Alex!!!
  • ff30 X64 not worked
  • Works fine for me. Many thanks Alex! Download version 1.3.1 from the authors homepage http://www.iosart.com/firefox/plainoldfavorites/PlainOldFavorites_1.3.1.xpi