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  • nice
  • Подтверждаю в 47 версии не работает.
  • Firefox 47 broke this :(
  • Херня.
  • Still does not have a Firefox 4.0+ addon bar icon. Now requires two or three taps to produce a message that places have been cleaned. It's decaying.
  • I know I can't be the only person who is not quite sure what exactly these "vacuum places" category of addons do.

    What's the difference between cleaning the databases and vacuuming the databases?

    Another review mentioned that the navigation bar wasn't cleared out (my phrasing), so does this addon do the navigation bar history too or no?

    when cleaning we will remove some record that you seldom visit, such as visit less then 2 times, and vacuum is just defreg the database.
  • Finally the tool is updated but where is the toolbar icon?
    The toolbar icon will shows once you need it, if you set to "periodly remind for clean".
  • For the notification problem since FF 22, check out here:
    Hi leysion, could you please send a P/R to the repo here? https://github.com/irvin/PlacesCleaner
  • 在使用立即清理功能後,他並沒有刪除任何歷史資料
  • When coming to history cleanup, this tool serves its purpose well.
  • Pretty good, but a suggestion: can you make it so it gets rid of orphan entries too?
    Specifically: everything from moz_places that is not referred to anywhere. Such as in moz_visithistory
  • Important addon
  • Great addon to delete the history that builds up and that is not required.

    A couple of suggestions
    - make all of the preferences individual with their own check box rather than the 2 check boxes that are there
    - add zero and one day to the pull down list of "Prevent Days"
  • Great, because my firefox stay smooth durring maitenance.It assume other database extensions? (like new tab jump start...)
  • looks like a nice addon.
    But it is missing feature to delete entries older than X days
    We think it's better to keep as much entries, if the entries is that important for us to visit more than desire times.
    Thus the option to remove entries older than a period might not appear on PlacesCelaner.
    Thanks for the suggestion.
  • I put this one in my "Apollo! Pack" collection because it helps me tremendously. I am a power user and I am on endless pages every day. This quickly turns into a history of thousands of pages and an intolerable startup delay. This one helps after deleting the history to clean it back up and get it back down to normal. For those who think that Firefox is slow try deleting the history and running this and you will see a startup improvement.
  • The best ext in the places vacuum category, cleaning only fewer viewed sites history is the highlight and showing results is a humanized design. But why I gave 4 stars:
    Because I found that it does not clean navigation bar history. For example, I set deleting entries viewed 1000 or less, this is supposed to delete all the browsing history, when I click clean, yes it does clean all the history, however, in the navigation bar, when you type some words, they are still there. If you use FF self history cleaning function, it will clean navigation bar history too.
    Of course I do not use this ext to clean all the browsing history, but when I tried to do this, I can see this ext does not clean navigation bar history as what I want while FF self cleaning does the right thing.
  • here newer addon

  • Anyone have any ideas on if this would affect Xmarks entries?
    Nope, I also use Xmarks, the extension doesn't do anything on it.
  • VACUUM places.sqlite 已內建 firefox 3.6!

    Bug 512854 - VACUUM places.sqlite database on daily idle once a month:

    I'm plan to including the option to disable Vacuum when cleaning, for the vacuum become automatically function in Firefox 3.6.
  • Nice extension, that let one choose to clean places.sqlite manually or automaticaly.

    Would it be possible to start from it to test/add cleaning capabilities for other growing Firefox sqlite DB ? e.g.
    - urlclassifier3.sqlite (28MB here)
    - brief.sqlite (14MB here)
    - twitterfox_1.8.sqlite (2MB here)
  • Es la Mejor en Su Tipo, y esta por ensima de Cualquier Otro Metodo de Optimizacion de las Bases sqlite...
  • It's a great extension!
  • excellent
  • In version 0.3.2 all is well again. Thank you for your quick response :)
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