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  • First of all, great extension that still works after all these years (after adjustments). Proves that even modest improvements to the simplest UI elements can make a big difference in usability.

    For anyone still sticking around in these waning days before the end of "extensioned" Firefox (maybe another year on ESR?), there's a super-simple, one-word fix to the error dialog that pops up on history/rss items previously reported here. First, credit to walmar and his procedure earlier for fixing the older problem. Use the same procedure for the fix below.

    In the same file walmar mentioned, commonUtils.js, change the sixth line:
    debug: true,
    debug: false,
    and that's it! No more nasty dialog box. I think this is how the author originally intended to leave it.

    Now what's happening is that history/rss items don't have keywords, causing the error. If you're one to look in your browser/error console, you'll still see the errors getting reported there, but it doesn't matter.

    If you want to get rid of the errors there too (though it wont make things any better), you'll need to find this line:
    if (url && this.ptGetBoolPref("showKeyword", true)) {

    And insert this new line before it:
    if (itemId > 0)

    which will give you
    if (itemId > 0)
    if (url && this.ptGetBoolPref("showKeyword", true)) {

    Hope that helps.
  • I have the same issue as user: osminogig.

    User: walmar has provided a great work-around that fixes the issue with Bookmark items, but you get errors every time you go anywhere near History items.

    An official fix for these problems would, of course, be great for this wonderful add-on because it would mean that it could be signed and verified (and therefore not blocked by future versions of Firefox). But given how long this problem has existed already, it seems unlikely that this will happen.

    Hopefully somebody can at least find a work-around to the history item bug, just like Walmar did for the bookmark item bug.
  • With bookmarks everything OK, but when you hold the cursor over the history, emerges bug :
    [Exception... "Component returned failure code: 0x80070057 (NS_ERROR_ILLEGAL_VALUE) [nsINavBookmarksService.getKeywordForBookmark]" nsresult: "0x80070057 (NS_ERROR_ILLEGAL_VALUE)" location: "JS frame :: chrome://ptooltips/content/commonUtils.js :: PTUtils.fillInBHTooltip :: line 169" data: no]
  • Following the Guide by walmar everything is working as usual, a must have.
  • Hi and thanks for making this great addon, 5 of 5 easy :)

    A request:
    I have started to use bookmark tags as a kind of "simple database", so I add many tags to the bookmarks. But the tags in the tooltip show as a single line so I cant see all tags I have added.
    Would be great if the "tags" part of the tooltip got a larger place like multiple lines.
  • Here are the unofficial steps to fix the issues that came with Firefox changes in the versions 40 ( https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1140395 ) and 44 ( https://blog.mozilla.org/addons/2015/10/14/breaking-changes-let-const-firefox-nightly-44/ ):

    1) Go to download page of the add-on to get the XPI installer module to your disk by right-clicking on the “Add to Firefox” button and selecting the “Save Link As...” option.

    2) Open the downloaded zip file “places_tooltips-3.0.20110409-fx.xpi” with a file archiver of your choice like 7-Zip ( http://www.7-zip.org/ ).

    3) Go to the subfolder “chrome/content/” of the archive and drag the file “commonUtils.js” to extract to a location of your choice like your desktop. Don't close the window of the file archiver.

    4) Open the extracted file with an editor of your choice like Notepad and modify...
    the first three lines from:
    let Cc = Components.classes;
    let Ci = Components.interfaces;
    let Cu = Components.utils;
    var Cc = Components.classes;
    var Ci = Components.interfaces;
    var Cu = Components.utils;
    and the following line from:
    key = PlacesUtils.bookmarks.getKeywordForURI(this.uri(url));
    key = PlacesUtils.bookmarks.getKeywordForBookmark(itemId);

    5) Save the changes, drag the edited file to the opened window of the file archiver and accept the query to update the archive.

    6) Make sure the Firefox preference “xpinstall.signatures.required” is set to false ( https://mzl.la/1J7Lcsp?lang=en-US#w_override-add-on-signing-advanced-users ).

    7) Drag the modified file “places_tooltips-3.0.20110409-fx.xpi” to the Firefox window, accept the installation and restart the program.

    8) Now the add-on should work as specified and you can delete the above named files.
  • It has been abandoned in 2011 and as soon as 44 is released (~10 days) it will become useless.
    It can't show anything but it's icons on the tooltips from hereon.
  • you can write the keyword to the bookmark's name.
  • Want to thanks NMS for his find on the fix of the javascript bug ! "the keyworkd thing"
  • Click the options button on the Add-ons page and uncheck "Show the keyword".

    It would be nice if the issue were fixed, but this still adds useful information to the tooltip when hovering over bookmarks and history items.
  • disabled by Diigo Toolbar. Also, why does the developer on October 2014 say, "Works with Mozilla FF version 4.0", lol. We're still in the 3.0s...
  • For me, unfortunately, does not work (Firefox 29-32). I would like to work.
  • This is great for me, since I have hundreds of bookmarks and I can just hover over one and get the description. Why did I just learn about it now?!?!
  • By default in Firefox, when using folders in the bookmarks toolbar, there are no tooltips for the folders, only for the bookmarks themselves. For a large number of bookmark folders in the toolbar, it is common to suppress the Name label to the right, for instance with a userstyle, in order to have more room. The folders all look alike without their labels, and although Bookmark Favicon Changer can be used to differentiate them with icons, the option to have the folder Name appear in a tooltip is very convenient.

    The Multirow Bookmarks Toolbar Plus 1.2 addon can be used to provide the tooltips, as well as more rows for folders, but it comes with bundled adware & is therefore objectionable.

    Installing this Places' addon instead can provide tooltips with the folder Name visible, but only if the Description field is selected in its options, and a Description is entered into the folder Properties. If there is no Description set for the folder then the tooltip does not appear, even if the addon's Description option is checked. There is no checkbox in the options for the Name field. Enabling the Description in the addon, & using a blank character in the Description field in the folder Properties, will both enable the tooltip on the folder, and also show the Name along with the (blank) Description. But then the tooltip is unnecessarily large and populated with the Description icon packaged in the addon. The icon can be removed with a simple userstyle, but the presence of the blank space in the field still makes the tooltip box taller than it needs to be for displaying just the folder Name.

    It would be very wonderful if this addon could include a checkbox for the Name field in its options, so it could be used to enable tooltips on bookmark toolbar folders, and show only the Name in a compact tooltip.

    Also, the delay in making the tooltip visible is a bit long, as mentioned by another reviewer, and some ability to shorten that delay would be real nice as well.

    This addon is still very useful to provide the folder Name in a tooltip. There appears to be no other addon that will do this other than the latest Multirow, which is quite repulsive because it is now sponsored & requires an optin that injects links & icons into search results, which the sponsors that pay Multirow+ can use for tracking. Multirow+ claims in the reviews that they do not track their users, but make no mention of what their sponsers do, nor do they mention anywhere in their addon download that optin is required to use it. Multirow+ also leaves an optin preference set to True in about:config after installation, even if optin is never selected or agreed to, and the configuration line remains after Multirow+ is uninstalled, which is simply shameful.

    Many thanks to Gabriele for providing this tooltip feature for bookmark toolbar folders. It should be default in Firefox already but is not, possibly because of the issue of the tooltip sometimes blocking an icon being placed on the toolbar.
  • Good!!

    To create a hyperlink on mouse-over the last visit found on add-on is a good idea if.
  • I often input memo about a site into description area.So, this add-on is very useful for me.Thank you!
  • I use this add-on as if it was a default Firefox functionality, so handy specially with many (old) bookmarks. Worth being updated, at least in version compatibility announced.
  • Perfect Add-On.
    If you have entered a description at your bookmarks, they are shown in the tooltip.
    It would be fine if there were icons (images) at the fields "Name" and "URL" (so all lines in the tooltip have icons).
  • Should also work at:
    - Hover over Star icon on Marked Page
    - Hover over Bookmark in Library View
  • Very nice! It would also be great if you could choose to not display the location or the name (right now it seems that it always displays these fields no matter what). Keep up the good work!
  • Thanks a lot for the update to this great add-on! Showing the last visited date of a bookmark should be a default feature on Firefox.
  • is it possible to change the time it takes the tooltip to be shown? maybe somewhere in "about:config"?
  • Still the one and only! Being able to set back/fore colors and the font would rock. And FF 4 beta update please.
  • Despite the extra apostrophe, this is a solid add-on. Works with Firefox 3.6.8 (I use MR Tech Toolkit to allow installation of old add-ons).
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