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  • Not compatible with Firefox Quantum ffs
  • It seemed to say the integrity check was OK.....but then it tried to 'clean up' and was still doing so 45minutes later...I pressed CANCEL. Hmm. My problem is this -
    I have empty bookmarks, yet I have a few thousand in reality. This has happened because I use firefox sync and I also use different firefox versions across different PCs. Bloody thing!!!! It has somehow corrupted bookmarks at all PCsS!!!! Firefox Synch that is, not this addon! This was hopefully going to fix it but alas...I think the damage may be too great. Another idea is required!!!!
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  • The Mozilla Firefox Commentariat has crucified me for trying to maintain 24,436 bookmarks. Explicative omitted. That's how I conduct my online life. For those commentarians: I ONLY use firefox because of its bookmark manager: by far the best in the business. But, of course, the stock system cannot be bothered with maintaining 24,436 bookmarks.

    Gee, anybody trying to do that is a moron. NOT. The author of Places Maintenance gets that. Ever since a helpful member of the Mozilla Firefox Commentariat (yes, there are one or two of you out there :-) introduced me to Places Maintenance, ALL OF MY BOOKMARK MAINTENANCE PROBLEMS have disappeared. Things just "work like they should". Oh, no... that's Apple Kool-Aid according to most Mozilla Firefox Commentarians. I guess they don't think that things should just work.

    Anyway, the author of Places Maintenance seems to understand how to fix the underlying deficiencies in Firefox relating to bookmark maintenace. Whoever you are... thank you, thank you, thank you!

    Meanwhile, Places Maintenance maintenance seems to have ceased some versions ago. Current information suggests "38.0-56.*". Well, I'd be entire willing to submit $100 - perhaps up to $500 - to convince the author to update PM (and continue to deal with their BS as they update in the future) to whatever latest version of FF the Mozilla Galactic Empire deigns to release.

    Don't give me shit, guys. Just do your job and support 10s/100s of thousands of bookmarks... or else convince the author of PM to do your job for you.

    Best regards,

  • It appears to work, but not in the way shown in the screenshot.
  • Used this add-on prior to Firefox Quantum. I miss it.
    I'd like the developer of Places Maint. to build a version for Quantum.
  • wird dringend benötigt
  • lost all my bookmarks. utter bs..
  • I only needed Places Maintenance once, but that one time was a lifesaver. Those who miss this add-on will be happy to know that its functionality has now been incorporated into Firefox itself as of FF 57. To use it, go to about:support, scroll down to "Places Database" (or search for it) and click on "Verify Integrity."
  • Doesn't work. Stuck at "Cleaning up..."

    Windows 10, Firefox 48.0.2
    I ran it because my Bookmarks toolbar exists but is empty. If I upgrade, the bookmarks return but I cannot upgrade because I need to use Silverlight. ESR version doesn't work with my app.
  • Sometimes Firefox just starts acting strange, and using this extension can get it back to acting like it should.

    Please consider redesigning it for Firefox 57.
  • This is an excellent add-on. Please update it for FF57+! It's needed.
  • firefox関係者が作ってるので信頼性は有るが効果は分からんです。
  • How do you make this work? When I access the plugin and click "options" (the only real choice) it opens a box saying "fetching stats" and that is as far as it goes. Just hangs there. Is there something else I should be doing?
  • Works great, and verbosely.
    Tried it on FF 52 ESR, so keep an eye about functionality on more recent browser versions.
  • Program doesn't even run. Just said "fetching stats" for 4 days, no matter what I tried or how many times, it never said anything other than "fetching stats". I didn't have THAT much stuff to recover...
  • I lost my bookmarks, all of them & have been trying to find a way to get them back. I read an article in Firefox support & it suggested giving this add on a try. I have Windows 8.1 & its telling me its not compatible with my version. So this does me no good. I don't know why I'd loose all of my bookmarks any way. But how the heck am I supposed to get them back? I tried to restore them but its unable to process the backup file. I tried deleting the places.sqlite file & still didn't get my bookmarks back. I have no idea what to do now? Please help!!!!
  • after wiping my entire history that had bloated for over a decade...
    I then used this tool to clean up the
    "places.sqlite" database...
    reducing it from 51MB to 10MB lol ;)

    only issues I see is updates to this cool ext..
    1) new with FF v55 they are moving the
    fav-icons into there on database "favicons.sqlite" so updated compatibility for that too.. ;)

    2) Web-Extensions compatibility?

    3) there is no contact info or support forums.. so
    I am left with posting my thoughts here as a review. x(
  • Places Maintenance - отличное расширение, очищающее и сжимающее ваш профиль.
  • It saved my broken places.sqlite with a ton of important info. Very handy tool!
  • Forever stuck at "Fetching stats..."
  • Firefoxのデータベースをメンテナンスして高速化できるアドオンです。ツール・アドオン・拡張機能・Places Maintenance 設定画面で「次へ」をクリックしていくことで実行できます。
  • Does great when database was fine to begin with, shockingly! Has some infinite loop in cleanup when database is wonky. This led to 100% CPU usage and even after hitting Cancel kept running, and firefox had to be killed. IOW not only does it not work when you have a poor database, but also makes you lose your session. So in my limited experience, absolutely useless.
  • Works well.
  • Works fine for me.
    Still it would be nice if You add some additional options regarding automation options (clean every X days) and cleaning rare items (visited less than X times)