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  • Super útil, te ahorras instalar varios plugin para hacer tareas muy útiles para diseñadores web como zoom, medición en pixels, cuenta gotas... Recomendado 100%
  • Great plugin, lacking only turns of the picture, turn to the left, right, 180!
    PS: may still be able to create a link to the image for transfer
  • Thank you very much for dis add on ..
  • Love this extension. I can zoom layout and test pixel perfect layout very well without effecting my eye. Additional they have color picker tool which another advantage.

    One request - Add text typing option once we measure pixel gap, so as a tester I can share my test to others.
  • Simple, but powerful!
  • No option to open it in new window is visible which kills me as a user to check it in new tab.
  • Really helpful addon, thank you:)
  • Génial et si facile à utiliser, merci!
  • Почему никто не может сделать элементарную линейку? Чтобы можно было померять не длинну и высоту. А расстояние между двумя точками! По диагонали! У меня на рисунке строительный кран. Я хочу узнать длину рычагов! У меня на картинке человек. Я хочу узнать длину рук и ног! Зачем мне ваши квадратики и прямоугольники?
    I understand your issues but please keep in mind that PixelZoomer was made for web developers to measure distances on their website projects. It's not a real measurement tool for any diagonal distances or something so there won't be any of those features in the future.
  • The new version now works in Firefox 29, great :)
  • Thanks for fixing it for Firefox 29 ^^
  • Отличное расширение. Очень удобно использовать для замера расстояний, намного удобнее, чем все существующие дополнения-линейки
  • Works like a charm. Except it won't open the addon in a new tab, only in a new window. I give it 4 stars because this addon hasn't been updated in a year. Using Firefox 27.
  • Works like a charm! I was searching for a (minimalistic) tool for measuring distances on websites.
    This was exactly what I was searching for and it even comes with a color picker, which I needed also.
  • I like it!
  • Exactly what I was looking for. Simple and fast (Y) Thanks
  • simply perfect. no more blurred pixels when zooming as with all of those other zooming add-ons!
  • Nice Add-on! I was able to replace two add-ons with PixelZoomer: MeasureIt and ColorZilla. However, in future versions I would like to the option to control where the Icon(s) don't appear; I don't see the point of having two PixelZoomer icons displayed, the status bar is prime real estate I don't like to waste.
  • Alles, was mir das Arbeiten erleichtert: super! Aber im Ernst: Dieses Addon ist klasse, es funktioniert und ich will nicht mehr darauf verzichten. Danke.
  • Erst einmal: Das Add-on ist große Klasse und sehr hilfreich! Endlich nicht mehr alles erst in Photoshop kopieren, sondern gleich inline editieren.
    Jetzt fehlt eigentlich nur noch das Feature, gleich auch noch Screenshots der ganzen Seite oder eines Teils davon zu erstellen, dann ist es perfekt und verdient 6 Sterne!
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