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  • Love it. My favorite theme. Everything about it is very smooth and cool. Even the scrollbar looks amazing.
    Only problem is it isn't compatible with the newest versions of Firefox (or Palemoon 25). Glad I took the risk of installing it with check compatibility turned off, as it still works for me, but it would be nice to be able to use it without that.
    Appreciate the review, Ardus. I've been slow to release an updated version, but I promise it's in the works!
  • Since this is the only good theme for Firefox, it would be nice to see it updated for the current versions. FT DeepDark is okay, but not as good.
    Thanks for the review. After a temporary hiatus from development, I'll be getting back underway in February with updated versions of PitchDark for both Firefox and Thunderbird. Thanks for your patience!
  • Still waiting update now for FF 24
  • This theme no longer forks when FF updated from 21 to 22 ... So... I hope i'll see update soon for this FF theme...
  • Excellent work .Strictly , elegant and nothing more.Been waiting for the update.The only thing I would like to correct - the icon on the content of Flash, which for some reason is missing.Good luck !
    Are you using an extension that blocks the plugin from loading? I cannot seem to replicate the issue. Maybe you can send a screenshot?
  • Thank you for all fixed point !
    Perfect !
  • This is the best dark theme out there for Firefox. Unfortunately it hasn't been compatible with FF for months. Note to dev: your customers' patience is about gone. If this isn't brought current by June 2013 I will uninstall and move on to something that is updated on a regular basis.
    There have been updates released over the past few months, however Mozilla usually takes a few weeks to approve and by that time a newer version on the rapid release cycle is out and incompatible again. I'm sorry that you'll be moving on, but I hope that you'll reconsider.
  • A very good theme,It's a pity that doesn't work on firefox 19. :(
    I'm working hard on getting it updated for the latest version! Sorry for the delay.
  • This was my favorite appearance. It just looks so good on a laptop. I'm sure sorry it won't work with the newer versions of Firefox. I've been trying to find another just like it, but so far, haven't gotten anywhere near this one. I WISH it would become available for Firefox 16.
    Working hard on finalizing the update for Firefox 16 - hope to have it out soon!
  • I totally dig this theme, need an update
  • Still the best dark minimalist theme, except in Fx 10 it renders the add on page unusable for me.
  • This looks really good as far as I'm concerned. The only thing you need is the back and forward arrows and the home symbol. As of right now they are just grey with nothing in them.
  • I'm still on Pitch Dark for 3.6, was waiting for the new one. Seems at least one review is negative for the new one....was worried about that.
    Why can't it be basically the same as the old one?
    As the add-on owner, I've made some decisions around the design that not all users may agree with. Certain changes that Mozilla has made to the default theme have influenced where I've taken PitchDark over the years (partially for compatibility, partially because my creative thoughts have changed).
  • have gotten used to the new version and love it very much now.

    thanks so much :)
  • Muy bueno, esta nueva apariencia, enhorabuena
  • Thank you for the new Version of "Pitch Dark"!!! Anyone wanting this for FF 4 & 5 can go to right bottom of page and click on "View all Versions". It hasn't been reviewed by FF yet, but it's working great for me. I have FF 5.
  • LOVE the add-on, wondering if we have an ETA on the 4.0 release, I'm not upgrading my browser until there is one.. Thanks! :)
  • can't wait for the update! I liked this much better than personas...
  • Love Pitchdark! Has always been my favorite.
  • would be great with the 'chocolate' theme for vista
  • This is one of the best dark themes out there for Firefox. It used to be listed outside of the experimental but that should not hold you back as I have never had stability problems with this theme. By all means if you like dark themes use it now.
  • Pitch dark is the best ever skin for Firefox and Thunderbird. Please keep producing it. Mozilla should make it a standard theme.
  • Firefox 3.6 would not successfully update to PitchDark 3.62. Uninstalling older version of PitchDark and then newly installing 3.62 worked.
  • If you're using PitchDark 3.5.0, don't upgrade to 3.6.2 if you have FireFox 3.5.8.
    When I set it up, Firefox not only disabled it, but also all my other themes & extensions! I uninstalled it & now everything is back to normal...