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  • This addon works as intended, long click to pin is an elegant solution. Unfortunately, long click doesn't work on all sites, youtube being the most prominent one.
  • Finally, an add-on to make up for FF's stupid design. Close the windows in the wrong order and you lose all your pins. At least this simplifies getting them back.
  • Why double clicking anywhere on the webpage pins the tab? It's so annoying. Mostly happens with the first tab.
  • Hello, very useful extension. Works very well but can you make the pin icon fit to the theme color just to make it hamonious. (I think it's you to do and not theme)
  • Add-on works as expected, but its icon in the list of Add-ons is invisible. See the https://i.postimg.cc/8kdrNMFD/FF-Add-ons.png
  • Extension makes pinning/unpinning tabs quick & very easy—so much more convenient than right-clicking > Pin Tab.
  • Thanks for making this add-on! I use alt+p mostly because it's faster. Thanks again! :)
  • I love an extension that does exactly what it says it's going to do, no more no less. This is exactly what I was looking for and does exactly what I need. That makes it perfect.
  • Very nice., however it does not work in Youtube...?
  • THUMBS UP! Simple, stable, intuitive ! Good work !
  • Keyboard shortcut does not work on Mac OS.
  • Half a year after 3.0 - and it still doesn't work on a number of sites, ie YouTube. So long click on the page is indeed quite arguable in comparance to oldschool double click on tab name.

    The problem is that the new Firefox Extensions API no longer lets us implement double-click on a tab. So I resorted to the next best solution (according to me at least).

    You could always disable the long click approach in preferences, though admittedly a lot of websites dont respond to it well. I try to fix as many of them as possible.

    You are correct about it not working on Youtube. I have opened a related bug: https://github.com/jayesh-bhoot/pin-unpin-tab/issues/11

    Could you also provide other websites where you have faced this problem?
  • This extension seems work only on Windows, and not in Linux by the key combinaison ALT + P. Please, can you correct the extension, and I change my note.

    //EDIT : it works now!

    In fact, I test on Linux first, it being my primary OS.

    Please check one usecase: are you using 'Alt Gr' key (which often replaces the right Alt key on laptops) instead of Alt key? AltGr is not mapped to Alt in some Linux distributions.

    Otherwise, can you provide more details?
  • Very nice, so easy to pin and unpin using the toolbar button!
  • Excellent extension. Would you consider also porting it to chrome/opera?. This extension is definitely the best one to pin/unpin tabs, the long left click is very useful
  • Alt-P. Makes so much sense, this should come out of the box! Thanks for writing this add on!
  • I'd give it 5 stars bc it does what it's supposed to, but having the long left-click on by default really threw me for a loop, couldn't figure out why it was happening. Maybe the default should be off for that, or perhaps even just a longer "hold down" time default.
    I see your point. I agree that the default behaviour of long click often becomes confusing. Let me give some thought on this.
  • Would like if there was a possibility to protect the tab!
  • Now with the long left mouse click option, it's much easier to use =) Great add on
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