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  • update this to firefox 45.0
  • Please update this to the new Firefox 3 I miss it so much and was my favorite Now I am using Purple Fox V29, but all these incomplete themes drive me nuts on here I like my browsers all done up fonts ~n all!!! I want to be the first to know when this is updated for Firefox!!!
  • I really loved the look of this one, and I have seen the updated look for Blue and Purple but why is it so different now? It's not the same. Is there no way to update these themes to look the same and work on v29+ ?
    Actually not much has changed with Blue Fox V29 toolbar. Toolbar is pretty much the same. I've redesigned the tabs and the url bar, tweaked the menus a little. Nothing else has been touched on the toolbar. About other windows I started using other colors when hovering over different parts, cuz this way it's more user friendly and I believe it's easier for people do see what they move the mouse over. Anyway starting work on Bloody Red tomorrow, after that Pink, Green and Orange.
  • BEST theme, but pls update to firefox 29 :)
    I'm working on updates. Started with Purple Fox. As soon as it's done and I have my code working updating the rest won't be a problem. I just want to make sure I provide users with well working and looking themes.
  • Girly girl theme... I love it!
  • i love this theme, however Firefox updated it's self to Firefox 20 and then said the theme was not compatible, so i uninstalled it and went back to Firefox 18.0.1 and still get the same message, can anyone tell me why??
  • :D epic works great looks great !
  • This should be available for Firefox on Ubuntu! :-(
    Just because it doesn't support your operating system doesn't mean that you have to rate the theme with 1 star. By the way the theme might be working with Firefox on Ubuntu but I don't want to upload it if there are problems and Ubuntu is something I don't have. I can't test the theme on Ubuntu. Email me to whitebluepc@abv.bg and I'll send you the Ubuntu version.
  • I totally love it! My teacher showed me this website and I fell in love with it, I got this because I love the color Pink! It rocks!
  • I like the theme, but it is difficult to read anything which is written in the google search box, or in the address bar as it is dark pink on black. Perhaps make that text light pink, or even white like the tabs?
  • love pink cant down load because 4.0 new release...arrrg
    Yes you can.Click here https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/pink-fox-theme/versions/
  • CooooooL!!!
    Thank you so much.
    I love it!
  • I like your theme
    this cool
    Thanks. :)
  • 看上去挺艳的
    I can't understand a thing but I think you like it :)
  • I love it,perfect for me but was wondering why i dont have that background with any of my pages? Is there something Im missing?
    What background?Email me to whitebluepc@abv.bg.Don't forget to attach an image. :)
  • cool!! =)
  • Wonderful!
    Very full of color, and looks fresh and great!
    I love it!
    .....I sound preppy.....-_-'
  • This add-on is equal amounts of cute AND sexy. It goes so well with my computer's theme (which is mostly pink, with some black)
  • I love it. I'm using it right now and it just adds that awesome punky feel to my everday web browsing. I just made this account just to comment this I love it that much. Thanx heaps
  • Cool theme! Nice shade of pink.
  • nyc
  • are you planning on making this for firefox 3.6 for windows 7 users :|
    Pink Fox will have Firefox 3.6 support soon!
  • genial es precioso
  • WOW - I'm not the pink kind of guy but you chose a really nice shade and your themes altogether are really neat!
    My suggestion is a "colorless" version of this style - the theme instead of specially colored just with the standard gray or a really light gray (near white but not white so it's not that stressing to the eyes... I'd recommend some shade like #E2E2E2)

    One more thing - omg what's that font called ?! *-*
    It's free-to-use I assume?
    I'd really love to know this =)
    If you mean the font that I used for the background images it is called RaseOne Outline