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Just another observation with respect to the statusbar. Without being able to have the statusbar on at all times, the only way to see it at all after the page has loaded is to set it to appear when hovering over links. However, every time you hover over a link, even if you are just scrolling past it, there is a hesitation while scrolling when the statusbar appears and hides while you are scrolling past links. You can also make the statusbar appear by hovering over the bottom of the FF window, but if you have set your Windows taskbar to autohide, you can't really make the statusbar appear since your Windows taskbar will appear before the FF statusbar appears if you move your cursor to the bottom of the FF window. This extension would just be a lot less problematic if it was able to keep the statusbar visible at all times.

The problem with the bookmarks toolbar appears now to be one of focus. You don't have to click on a link to make the navigation bar autohide after accessing a bookmark from the bookmark toolbar. Bringing a tab into focus by left-clicking on any open area on a webpage in any tab will cause the authoide function to reengage. This is not a big deal and most likely is not the fault of the Pimpoflage extension.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (1.5). 

Try this out

Firstly I would like to say thank you for testing out my add-on. I will Implement an option to have the status bar always show in the next version.
Second I will try to explain the various uses for the options in the options menu better to you and other users.
-Since not all top bars are of equal sizes, one of the most important settings to calibrate is the top bar hide threshold. If this number is off, selecting tabs or clicking links on the top of the page can become frustrating. as the auto hide function may think it is supposed to go off at bad times. I have uploaded a pic with a pixel ruler to show the approximate correct measurement for that threshold on the add-on screenshots list. the top bar hide time navigation bar setting calibrates the amount of time the mouse pointer will need to be out of the threshold before hiding again. this prevents jittery movements from the auto hide function.
The top bar sensitivity defines the number of pixels from the top of the page ( starts at 0 on the pixel ruler screenshot) that will in effect show the top bar when hidden.
The delay is the amount of time required for the mouse to be there before it shows as well. This is also an effect which reduces jittery screens.
These options apply likewise to the status bar. Try increasing the sensitivity of the bottom bar from 5 to 20-25 px, I've found it to be easier to use when auto-hiding the windows start bar dually. also you can reduce the delay, bringing this number to zero however will make it difficult to click on links that are close to the bottom of a page. Also holding alt +ctrl will show top and bottom bars. Hope this helps and please email if you have any other concerns, they are much appreciated