Rated 2 out of 5 stars

I had several problems with this addon. First and foremost, there is no way to turn off the autohide feature for the status bar. The extended statusbar has information on it that I refer to from time to time, and it's annoying to have to hover over a link every time I want to see that information. Secondly, there are settings in the options menu for which there are no explanations, and there is no documentation either here or on the author's website explaining these options; in fact, this extension is not even listed on the author's website. It would be nice to have an explanation of each of these functional parameters in order to better modify the operation of the autohide function to suit the user's needs. The author says above to "modify the settings for Pimpoflage according to the size of your top bar," but gives no explanation of just what settings he is talking about or how they should be adjusted. Finally, operation of the autohide function appears to be erratic when accessing links from the bookmark toolbar; sometimes it autohides after clicking on a bookmark on the toolbar, and sometimes it does not. This most often happens if you hide your bookmark toolbar with a toolbar button after clicking on a bookmark; the autohide function will not reengage until you click on a link on a webpage on any of the open tabs. I have been looking for an autohide extension ever since the old Autohide extension disappeared from the Firefox extension pool many FF versions ago; hopefully, the author will address these concerns to convert this extension into a comprehensive and effectively modifiable autohide extension with a complete explanation of what each of the settings does and how they affect the behavior of the autohide function.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (1.5).