why is online storage better than local workstation?? Rated 2 out of 5 stars

Interesting idea, but why should users trust a third party host? (setting aside alleged encryption prior to upload)

"Secure Login", another firefox extension, stores said information locally.

Is this a "secure" as RSA-style key 'escrow'?


It might be clever but 'more' was misleading. Is there more-more prior to completing the signup process??

No way to test dropbox feature without risking two euro money units.


Re: Is there more-more?

There is plenty of "more-more" in the FAQ (https://www.pidder.com/en/faq.html), the About (https://www.pidder.com/en/about.html) and the Wiki (https://www.pidder.com/en/wiki/index.php/Main_Page). On those pages we cover the topic of what security measures and encryption algorithms are used extensively.

Why is online better than local? Well, that depends on whether you're always working on the same machine or not. Same as with all cloud services, really. There will be a local storage option in a future release.

If you don't trust third party hosts with sensitive data, that is always a legitimate and reasonable decision. In that case, don't store sensitive information, but you might still find pidder useful as a means to build a private and encrypted social network. A bit more background on our approach can be found here: https://www.pidder.com/blog/2010/01/paradox/?lang=en

And you're right about the dropbox feature test.