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  • I have used this for my fantasy football leagues the last few years, and could not go without it! Their support response is incredible in addressing any questions or correcting issues that come up. Definitely a must-have for any online sports fantasy teams.
  • The best addon for fantasy sports! a must have!! High quality!
  • Big Thumbs Up! Keeps the interest level way up too.
  • I love the integration with RotoWire's news
  • The idea is great. Unfortunately, the add-on is just a come-on. To use the full features, you have to pay. The free site is extremely limited not very useful.
  • Take away the need to have your league(s) sites opened while reading articles and recommendation sites. Manage multiple leagues and sports at the same time. Saves a ton of time on lineup/waivers research.
    Thumbs up!
  • Great addons for firefox.
  • a useful, quite clever add-on. have been using it for a few seasons now
  • Pickemfirst is indispensable to me. It saves me time and gives me more confidence getting ready for the draft and setting weekly line-ups. The one time I experienced a minor annoyance with the app the tech support was prompt and thorough.
  • Great fantasy app for Firefox.
  • this is the best app for fantasy baseball i've seen for Firefox. the weekly updates are amazing.
  • This app for fantasy sports is very useful. If you are managing your team on a day to day basis, you are probably looking at sources outside of the site you are playing on. This app allows you to easily identify which players are on the wire in your own league from any list. I honestly can't imagine fantasy sports without it!
  • Great program. I have used it for both NHL and NFL. Very flexible program, and great response from programmer! This is a must for anyone who plays fantasy sports.
  • A nice add-on, though relevant to a small portion of Firefox users.
  • quite fun
  • Invaluable fantasy sports app. Great for managing a single team, but stellar for managing several! Great customer service as well, quick fix w/glitches. I cannot go back to runnin a team w/o this app. Would definitely pay if this were a subscription service, but it's not! It's free! Good work guys.
  • Exceeds my fantasy sports needs. I absolutely love it!
  • Not only is this add-on a great idea, but it works brilliantly as well. It's amazing that such a useful tool is available for free! An absolute must for anyone who's into fantasy sports!
  • I love that this add-on lets me display the same player window regardless which web page I am currently on. The news and stats it gives me are even better than the one I get on Yahoo. Congratulations!
  • This add-on will make a difference on your fantasy team standings
  • Add-on needs lots of work - the design flawed. It makes reading a webpage with lots of names (ie, any sports/fantasy page) unreadable.
  • I hadn't used the add-on in months, saw there was an update and installed it.
    I think that the best new feature is that I am now able to see blogs about the selected athletes. It's like receiving direct personalized fantasy advice from people I don't know...
  • Good idea, but...

    1. balky - too much fiddling to get it activated (need to sign-in each usage and use hotkeys each page refresh - a deal breaker for sites like Rotoworld where you're constantly moving from one player update page to the next)

    2. intrusive - the info is good, but the icons are too big; they break up the flow of reading.

    3. not very "smart" - when articles continue to use just the player's last name, as articles commonly do, this app can't identify the article's focus player.
  • Thanks to your great tool, I've just won my fantasy football league...
    I used Pickemfirst every week to adjust my roster and pick up the best free agent. My top waiver pick-up was Jamaal Charles (RB from KC). He carried my team through the fantasy playoffs and I WON IT ALL !
    I can't wait to try Pickemfirst during the upcoming baseball season!
  • Shaves a ton of time going back and forth between articles and recommendation sites/e-mails and your league(s) sites. The more leagues you are in, the more you'll love this thing. Only improvement I could think of is to have an "IDP" setting for each league, so all defensive players don't appear as available when one of your leagues has IDP and the second one doesn't.
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