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  • For starters, I just want to make it clear that this add-on is the BEE'S KNEES! I absolutely love it, saves me a ton of time (and computer space I suppose!). Unfortunately, just recently it stopped working giving me the following message anytime I try to upload something to my account:

    "Image upload failed, unable to read file for upload."

    I haven't changed any settings or my password or anything of the sort, so I'm a bit puzzled. I tried disabling and enabling the add-on to no avail, I tried logging out and logging back in, but upon logging out I am -unable- to log back in. Going to the account login section from Tools->Photobucket Uploader->Account Login does nothing. No pop-up login box, no redirecting, just an empty click. :(

    Please please please fix this wonderful addon! I would love to change this score to a 5-star, but for now I'm giving it a 3 since it seems to have stopped working. Be patient everyone! mattyk++ is only one person and I'm sure he's hard at work trying to fix it!

  • Been using this for quite awhile until it just disappeard from my Add-Ons manager. A new DL and reinstall is a fail. Too bad. really liked it.

  • I once loved uploading and sharing gifs with other members but a month ago I tried to upload and could not. Of course I thought the problem was on my end but after several uninstalls, reinstalls and cleaning cookies, this was ruled out. The problem was your addon.

    I hope you get Photobucket Uploader to work again soon.

  • I love the add-on but I recently had to install a new motherboard so I did a clean install of Win 10 and now I have no way to get into the options for the add-on. I have tried to uninstall/reinstall, wiped cookies and cache, but cannot get the icon back onto the status bar.

  • How can I change the options without reinstalling it? Is it possible to add an Options button to about:addons?

    Thanks in advance. This is such nice addon...One of the must-have

  • The Photobucket uploader stopped working completely about 3 or 4 months ago. Will it ever be fixed? It was one of the best add ons Firefox ever had.

  • Stop working on 95% of all pages a few weeks ago, needs to be fixed asap

  • hola, la descargue sin novedad, todo parecia bien pero al tratar de subir alguna imagen aparecia una banda roja con el siguiente texto:
    "image upload has failed. unable to read file for upload"
    y asi cada vez, NUNCA pude subir alguna imagen.

  • It DOES NOT work on ujarani - polish page with images.
    As if there was no image at all!!!

  • Had you asked me a month or so ago, I'd have given this add-on five stars - in fact, it was one of the few reasons I used Firefox. The last few weeks, however, I get an error message when I try to upload a picture, and can no longer log into the add-on as I get an error message there as well. I've tried deleting it and re-adding it, restarting Firefox, clearing my cookies....nothing works. What happened?

  • This was great while it worked but it quite working on facebook last week. Seems to work other places though. I guess facebook doesn't like photobucket? I'll uninstall it as facebook was the place I used it most.

  • Can't log in at all no log in screen at all.

  • I am still using this, am now on FF 34.0.5 and the add-on still works like a champ! I use it in my digital taggers groups (signature tags and animated tags) and it is really nice to just right click on the tag, select from my PB albums and upload. AWESOME!!!!

  • Worked for a while but lately it has been saying Resize error failed to move image to ircTemp. Its a great addon so I hope either I can fix my issue or this gets updated.

  • Has this not been updated yet or not used anymore ?

  • works great; right click on image, upload to PB

  • it works well. thanks for your good job.
    anyway, it will enhance if adding copy direct link to clipboard.
    Do you think so?

  • Great addon! Thanks a lot

  • My apology as U are correct it was not on the end of PB uploader so I am truly sorry. I write a lot of CSS 4 page design n Ur uploader is the most useful tool I've EVER had n I just can't live w/out it. MANY ^5's n a million stars n TYSM:)

  • I love this so much, and for what it does do, I'd give 5 stars, but just tonight, it's been telling me upload failed no matter what I try to upload. Any solution?

  • Ai, qui lindo! Amei!

  • Finally - an update! Thank you soo much Mattyk! I can't tell you how much I missed this Add-on! I've been using it for what seems like ages now and I'm so glad it works again!

  • Hurray! 1.3.7 is now online. I tried it, it work flawlessly!

    Two thumbs up for the developer! Keep the great work up!

    6 stars!

  • This WAS my favorite add on. Until they added the log in pop up. It does not work in the latest version of firefox (21.0). Everytime you log in it says log in failed.

    WAS a great add on. What happened developers?

    Developer response

    Hey Moab. Thanks for the feedback. I am extremely sorry for the temporary down time with this add-on. I assure you it is only a temporary problem. I've already fixed everything and cleared all the issues with Photobucket. Just waiting for Mozilla to approve. :)