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  • nothing happened -- there is nothing but a blurry crap image
  • Hasn't been updated since 2017, doesn't work. Chrome has multiple working Photobucket fixer plugins, Firefox zero.
  • After installing seem to be able to view 'most' PB images that I previously could not. Maybe the remaining missing images were taken off the PB sight. Great work to the team behind this extension. Hope you're able to maintain it. Means a lot to a lot of people obviously. Hope the exec at PB who's responsible for this s**t gets their karma.
  • Don't work. Too bad Photobucket beat this one.
  • Compared to the AddOn "Photobucket Embedded Image Fix" for Chrome, this supposed port doesn't work.
  • didn't work
  • lol
  • Doesn't work...
  • This used to work, however it does not anymore. I would suspect that Photobucket has modified their code to stop this fix, which is quite unfortunate. I would hope that there's a way to update this to bypass their ridiculous paywall, but this would require pretty diligent updates to keep ahead of PB's patching.
  • doesn't work
  • This has served excellently well up until now, but unfortunately no longer works. I hope there will be an update soon.
  • This extension worked great when I first downloaded it on 10/7/17, however it seems to no longer work.
  • I still see the guage where the image should be...

  • I wonder if PB will take this down, since they're now charging $400/year to embed images. But we can expect their demise soon anyway, charging more than any other photohosting service.

    PB also owns Tinypic, and so far, embedding is still free there, but loaded with ads.
  • Working just fine. Thank you!
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