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  • it works in Old Firefox or Palemoon. The internal editor is unresponsive with big js files but it can open in a new tab.

  • Please FIX

  • Es wäre super, wenn sich jemand der Sache annimmt und das Tool auf den neusten Stand bringt. Als Webdesigner ist es so hilfreich wie Firebug.
    Leider ging auch vorher öfter der Phoenix Editor nicht, das heißt Firefox hat sich aufgehängt, wenn man eine Datei damit öffnen wollte, aber um Herauszufinden, welche Dateien geladen werden und ob diese Verschlüsselt sind war dieses Addon perfekt.
    Ich habe selbst schon nachgesehen, ob ich etwas falsches Entdecken kann um das Tool zu fixen, aber ich kenne ich mich Addon Entwicklung zu wenig aus. Evtl. findet jemand, der eigene Plugins entwickelt den Fehler leichter. Es würden sich sicher sehr viele Leute darüber freuen.

  • It is very necessary for me, but not worked on FF 47 & 48

  • I use to use the extensions. I use to use Phoenix daily but it has not worked since FF47 came out.

  • Please Correct for Firefox 47

  • Thank you very much, for your very quick - and very honest - answer, PC-Facile! :)

    I now cross my fingers, hoping that someone else will look at this, and that they will find the bug.

    There has to be a LARGE bug..!!

    ..I tried to use the online JavaScript Beautifier "js-beautify"


    on the same JavaScript that Phoenix demands 2,850,000 Megacycles of CPU work to prosess;


    I downloading the file, opened it in a text editor, marked and copied the text, then pasted it into jsbeautifier.org
    - after clicking the large "Beautify JavaScript or HTML (ctrl+enter)" button,
    jsbeautifier.org came up with 6936 lines of beautified code..

    ..after LESS than one SECOND waiting time...!

    So, there has to be a bug that makes Phoenix use 500x - 1000x more work that what is actually needed.

    If someone could find the bug and fix it, it would be sooo nice..
    ..I'm keeping my fingers crossed for this to happen! ;)

  • Boy do I want to like this; it's something I would absolutely use every day at my job as a programmer! Unfortunately, just loading HTML to be able to debug and/or edit code and get real-time updates is just WAY too slow for me to be productive.

    Keep working on this one; I think developers all over would really appreciate it, especially if speed was no longer an issue!

    Developer response

    Thank you very much for the feedback. I would love to be able to code my way out of this, but I have to admit it is way out of my league. I am not able to make this any faster than it is and I have to admit that I have tried.

  • Awesome addons. It detects all related js, css file in right click context menu. Just need one click to see the source code.

  • Editor's width start to infinitely grow when open file to edit.
    Xubuntu 12.04

  • -Link in "info" page links to main page of a portal, nothing about this extension!
    -It doesn't track or allow editing of dynamically added scripts.

    overall useless compared to firebug

  • Pages of pains taken code written from the ground up. And not a paragraph on how to use this plug-in in sight....worlds dryest cough...

    I'm confused as how to save my changes (say I make changes to the CSS file and what to save them) to the server in real time so there isn't any tedious saving uploading and page re-loading, I was under the impression that this was a feature of this plug in? My firefile just inexplicably stopped working the other day so I'm looking for a plug that can recreate that ease of editing that it allowed.

    If any one finds or know where the plug in documentation, or know if making changes via the editor and then uploading them on the fly is possible please let me know:


  • Great feature loaded addon.
    I have a suggestion.
    FIrefox sometimes hangs when a page is having more than 100 javascripts in it. At that time phoenix keeps on calculating the count of javascript and css files. May be addon needs to run consuming less resources.

  • Works great.. Didn't have any problems with speed, but only used with a few (5 and under) tabs at a time.

    The only issue I found is when updating

  • It works great! I'm using it in FF4b10 and I don't notice any slowdowns as others have reported. I just tested it on several sites that have >20 js and css files and they loaded just like they did before I installed Phoenix. An excellent replacement for JSView.

  • Useful add-on but takes too wide space in the status bar. Why width is fixed to 100? You could take into consideration the use with Stylish.

  • It could be gorgeous, much better than i.e. JSView, BUT it horrendously slows down FX. It’s not just “a little bit slower”, it’s... It’s so slow that I can’t find right expression. I gave up.

  • great addon, but it slows ff

  • A nice tool, but it slows down firefox a lot. On a page that loads a lot of javascript files you'll spend a few seconds waiting for firefox to unfreeze.

  • Lets me test and write and excute JS live on any page.
    Much better then using js development in firebugs.

  • I can't edit my review, so I'll redo it here.

    I like the way Phoenix tells me what .JS/.CSS files a page is accessing.

    The Phoenix editor is how I view generated HTML
    but, if you need to view files larger than 80 kilo-bytes,
    turn off "syntax highlighting" ( as I do ).

    I was able to make the editor use light-on-black, instead of dark-on-white.

    The editor was written in easy-to-edit JavaScript
    and the colors are changed via easy-to-edit CSS; see HTML.CSS in:

    HTML, Body, Body *
    { BackGround: BLACK; Font-family: "DejaVu Sans Mono";
    Font-size: 22px; Color: RGB( 44, 22, 22 );
    line-Height: 1.18em; }

  • The Phoenix editor is a lovely way to view generated HTML;
    however, don't use it to open "large" files ( 80 kilo-bytes is too big ).
    I was able to make the editor use a light-on-black, instead of dark-on-white.

    The editor was written in easy-to-edit JavaScript
    and the colors are changed via easy-to-edit CSS.

    Also, I like the way Phoenix tells me what .JS/.CSS files a page is accessing.

  • I love this too . I have the same opinion that it slows down FF. But this is a great tool where I can add more code to a JS and test the JS. Please add a button called 'Disable on Page load' . Or allow this editor only on selected domains (like http://xxx.ss.com).

    Developer response

    Hi Arun, This feature is already present. Simply right click on Phoenix in the status bar to pull up the options and then you can select on which URLs, or partial URLS to run Phoenix.

  • Provides good utility, especially with the list of js and css files associated with a page. Unfortunately, it also slows things down quite a bit. The browser freezes every time this extension is working (making a list of linked files).

  • Slows down Firefox significantly

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