56 reviews for this add-on
  • I would gladly pay the suggested contribution if this were available for the latest FF bulild. :(
  • 5 stars as soon as a new version working with FF4 is available.
  • Sounds Nice ... tested ... works fine ...
    Thanx ... I wish a bigger buttons next time ...
  • Slick icons!
  • Very, very good !
  • just install before upgrading to 3.6, also install "Mr Tech Toolkit" add-on, and use it's "make compatible" feature...

    restart Firefox and re-activate Phoenity Aura 8)
  • Firefox 3.6 is coming soon, but Phoenity Aura won't work (and it doesn't look good either). I'd really appreciate an update!
  • I would prefer if it used the keyhole style for the back/forward buttons (something similar to Phoenity Next). Also, the drop down arrow for the back/forward buttons has so much padding that it looks awkward and disconnected from the back/forward buttons.

    Other than that, I really like the style of the icons. They are very crisp and clean, making it easy to tell what the function of each is at a glance.
  • I love this theme ;)
  • Not sure why people are complaining...

    It's as advertised: simple yet sleek.
  • I'm upset...I don't like the "Bookmarks Toolbar Items" button which I cannot remove and I do not like the placedment of the loader (in the upper corner by itself). I loved Phoenity Aura because it was simple and no extra bits were thrown at me - but this new version is making me look for another theme.
    You can try right-click on the toolbar and untick 'Bookmarks Toolbar', if that is what you mean. As for the loader, go to 'Customize' window and drag the loader into it, thus removing it.
  • Thank you for the update to support Firefox 3.5. This is the best looking Firefox theme!
  • To be honest, I don't quite like the new version. The italic style of the description text in the search bar (and the Awesomebar as well) is ugly. It was one of the most annoying things of the Strata theme and what I appreciate about Phoenity Aura is its classic style.

    Too bad I do not seem to be able to change it on my own.
    You could try install the Stylish extension and apply this userstyle http://userstyles.org/styles/19947
  • But an update would be great. It does work on FF 3.5 though (you just need to go to about:config and set extensions.checkCompatibility to "false"). Well, except for the fact that the new tab button on the tab bar is invisible.
  • Phoenity Aura, in my opinion, is one of the few themes that made my addon, AeroFX, beautiful. I can edit the xpi manually, but I'd rather see a new update. :)
  • Phoenity Aura was the only theme I use for the 3.0 build, is there any way you can bring it to 3.5? I absolutely love this theme. Great work!
  • Great theme. Geared towards the 'advanced' user who didnt like the idiot buttons introduced by 3.0
  • Nice icons :)
  • Fantastic! Compatible with Mozilla Firefox 3.5.* and Mozilla Firefox 3.6.* too.
  • Absolute best of the Phoenity series and def one of the best themes for Firefox!
  • Absolutely perfect. This has been the only theme I've used since I discovered it months ago.
  • Cool!!!!
  • Very, very nice. I wanted a decent theme reminiscent of Firefox 2, but the Firefox 2 Reloaded theme had a few issues with menu spacing, as well as a few cosmetic problems that finally got to me. This is very nice, and the few toolbar icons that aren't part of the theme (Bookmark Button and IETab) don't glaringly stand out. Good job.
  • Thank You! Stylish theme.