Rated 4 out of 5 stars

Unbelievable! Why didn't I think of this? Why didn't EVERYONE think of this? Perspectives solves ALL of the major weaknesses of SSL Unbelievable! With Perspectives, we don't need to trust certificate "authorities", and most importantly, we don't need to pay them anymore either! Unbelievable! Yes, oooooh yessss, this extension makes it possible for everyone to use self-signed certificates securely and safely. You no longer need to pay attention to security warnings - ignore them! Perspectives will take care of security for you, and it suppresses countless security warnings until they're really necessary and important. Tor users will love this - no more man in the middle attacks on Tor exits! Unbelievable!

So why did I only give 4 out of 5 stars? Because this is not a platform independent project. You prefer Google Chrome? Too bad. Your grandma still uses Internet Explorer? Too bad. You're a power user that uses FireFox, Opera, Chrome, IE, Konqueror, Safari, etc? Nope, you're not important either! The only extension available is only for FireFox. If you want to help the project by running notary servers - this is kind of funny - You have to do in Ubuntu and...Amazon Cloud! Yes, it's that specific, nothing else is supported. WTF?! Why bother trying to change the world if only the starbellies benefit?

Make an extension for every browser that supports extensions. Hassle the browser developers to support notary servers natively so extensions aren't even required. Put together a crossplatform solution that benefits everyone, not just people using FireFox with Ubuntu on Amazon Cloud...The whole world needs this!

This review is for a previous version of the add-on ( 

Hey badonfirefox, thanks for the kind words. We would definitely like to port Perspectives to other platforms, and I have plans to do so. It requires a few big internal code changes before it is possible.

For updates on new platforms please stay tuned to the Perspectives blog at http://perspectives-project.org/blog/

As for running notaries, these certainly do not have to use Ubuntu or Amazon. It's possible to run a Perspectives notary on any system that can run Python 2.7 and openssl.

If you have any questions or want some help please feel free to email me or ask on the mailing list - perspectives-dev@googlegroups.com.