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  • Works in Nightly 63.0a1
  • Hi. I'm using this with Firefox quantum and it's working ok. Problem is the default Firefox theme keeps appearing in the list, is there anyway to remove it from the theme cycle.

  • *PLEASE* make compattible for Firefox ESR (v52.x) or make a "old stable" version....
  • Bonjour ;
    cette extension ne fonctionne plus depuis l'avant dernière mise à jour je crois (7 12 2017) ,il y a bien rotation mais le thème est de couleur uniforme
    ou blanc ou bleu .
    Il semblerait que ce soit de la couleur dominante du thème.
    Comment retrouver les thèmes merci
  • It works as intended, however, I do have one concern. Is there anyway to make it pull from 'my favorites' persona collection? As it stands right now, it only pulls from my most recently used.

    I had a large collection of personas that used to cycle through nicely when I was using Personas Rotator. However, that add-on has become broken and died completely now. I came to this one as it stated to have the same features, but the most important one is not present.
  • It does what it claims. Very good!

    A must have extension for animated themes since animated themes had been abandoned by Mozilla from Firefox 18.
    Animated themes wouldn't animate without this kind of extension.

    To edit values of lightweightThemes.persisted.footerURL and lightweightThemes.persisted.headerURL in about:config doesn't help you, because Mozilla Firefox would automatically change them to default values some time.

    After all, you guys need this extension.
  • Verstehe das Add on nicht. Wenn ich früher über ein Theme mit der Mouse gefahren bin, dann wurde es auch angezeigt. Jetzt muss ich ausdrücklich das Theme anklicken und eine weiter Bestätigung. Das Add on erfüllt diese Aufgabe nicht, der User muss dafür Tastenkombinationen eingeben. Ich habe s wieder gelöscht.
    I'm sorry for the difficulty. We have had to make a few changes in response to Firefox 57. You can however turn previewing on with a preference. If you get getting a message stating you changed personas/theme, can you take a screen shot and send it? There was an issue in 5.0.2 that we attempted to solve on 5.0.3 but it may be that we missed a language translation. Thanks!
    Also, this problem shows up when using Personas Plus, see: https://github.com/drsjb80/personaswitcher/issues/34. Make sure you have version 2.0.0 of that and see if you still have the problem.
  • thank you :)
  • Always liked this app; it kept things fresh and made themes more interesting for me. I don't like having to decide on a specific background for my computer so i have it on a library cycle. I thought this was perfect for my web browser as it does the same thing for me.
  • Se não fosse por este add-on, alternar as personas (temas) seria muito mais trabalhoso.
    Depois que eu experimento algumas personas (temas), eu utilizo este add-on para escolher entre as últimas que experimentei.
    Muito bom!
    Recomendo este add-on para quem adora personalizar o navegador com personas (temas).
  • Works cleanly in Fx 54.0 (64-bit) installed in Ubuntu 14.04 . However, the icon is missing in the Add-ons Manager list. Reported as issue to github.
  • Seems working very good. But I have a problem with the persona switcher toolbar icon. I add the toolbar icon to the toolbar. It is shown perfect. But when I am clicking on the small down arrow to let me show the persona themes I have installed it is shown nothing. Only a very small empty square beneath the toolbar icon. In the menu of PersonaSwitcher in the menu bar every installed persona is visible and selectable. Can you help with it. I am using Firefox 47 under Windows 7 Sp1 Prof.

    My solution for that problem:
    - Forget the problem. I restarted Firefox a second time and there they are. All themes also in the toolbar button available .. fine . Updated my rating.
    Interesting. I'll look into the issue and see if I can find out why it ever occurred and fix it. Thanks!
  • It seems it doesn't support e10s but since e10s is disabled on my profile, I couldn't say if it still properly works despite that.

    I know mozilla changes too frequently and it's pain in the as* for dev to maintain their add-on. I empathize with you. I hope it will be compliant with future firefox release. I love it.

    Do you plan to update it?
    I've started looking into e10s; I will certainly support when I've found out how to :-) Thanks!
  • Since the update Persona Switcher has been a little bit wonky. I had it set so that when I hover over a persona in the list it would briefly change the browser so that I can see what it looks like. I cannot use that part of it anymore because Persona Switcher's button menu twitches and blinks and most of the time the changes in appearance doesn't work, the menu keeps closing too. Also, Firefox's Default appears in the list twice now.

    If I turn off the previews of the different personas, Persona Switcher's menu is usable but Default still appears twice.
    I've seen similar issues and I'm working on getting them fixed. I'll have a new beta ready soon -- would you like to be a tester? Thanks!
  • This add-on allows to combine full (heavy-weigth) themes with personas (light-weight themes). This is done by selecting a persona through its button without changing the theme in the Add-ons page. This makes it an excellent customization tool.
  • Works a treat, especially on Pale Moon! I use this to test all my complete themes on, since it's so quick and simple to be able to change the persona in use. Recommended for persona lovers, and complete theme+persona lovers alike!
    Thanks very much! I'm working on a new release, albeit slowly.
  • Very easy to toggle between numerous Personas. Unlike manually switching themes via Add-ons Manager, string lightweightThemes(dot)isThemeSelected remains active. Simplifies the use for Lightweight and complete themes, alongside in Pale Moon.
    Glad you like it! Thanks very much.
  • very good
  • use if a lot, love it.
    wish it could be made to work on new palemoon 25+ though, I messed around and could not force it.
    I use firefox and palemoon pretty evenly so still get to enjoy it, really nice to have theme automatically change every few moments.

    thanks, the beta installs but doesn't seem to actually work.
    this may help explain the issue with palemoon 25 and onwards
    if possible it is appreciated, if not possible I understand.

    edit 10--28-2017
    the version posted in reply seems, with quick tests, to work.
    thank you very much
    I'll take a look at PM 25... There is a beta at https://github.com/drsjb80/personaswitcher/blob/master/personaswitcher-2.0.5b1.xpi that works with most previous versions of PM. Just took a quick look -- you're right and it does appear PM has changed something that doesn't allow PS to load. I'll look some more... Okay, I believe I've fixed it for PM 25. Try: https://github.com/drsjb80/personaswitcher/blob/master/personaswitcher-2.0.5b2.xpi and let me know. Thanks!
  • Came to this extension after Personas Rotator quit being maintained. I like it but it seems to only rotate through about 20 different personas. I have over 200 installed locally on my machine. Is there a setting to allow rotation of more personas?
    Part II:

    I was unable to locate the setting that you had mentioned in about:config. It doesn't exist. I do have Personas Plus installed (for the simple fact that I get that "Add" button on the theme pages instead of having to go into each theme). I do have favs on Mozilla.org. Over 100 pages worth. I've been collection Personas since they were invented.
    A couple of quick questions. Are you using Personas Plus and keeping favorites on addons.mozilla.org? Do the personas show up in your about:addons? There is no limit in Persona Switcher, but it needs to be able to find all your personas. There is a limit in the underlying "lightweighttheme" software; go to about:config and search for "lightweightThemes.maxUsedThemes". Let me know what you find -- we'll get this to work for you. Thanks!
  • For the last couple of days my personas will rotate but the images are not displaying, the background color will change but no picture....was there some type of update that caused this? this is a great add on and I hope a fix can be done to correct this.
    You and me both! I'm not sure what's going on, but I've been looking into it. I'm getting 404's from mozilla when trying to display personas (you can see this in the error console) but I haven't been able to find out why yet. If I can find a fix, I'll certainly do so. Thanks!

    So, what I've found is that the mozilla web site appears to be misconfigured. It appears everyone needs to refresh their themes. You can add all your themes to your favorites at https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/ delete them locally and then log in to retrieve them. If you're using PersonasPlus, you have to add them one by one via Tools -> Personas -> My Favorites. The best way to know which need to be updated is going to: about:addons -> Appearance. That is what PS uses so if things look good there, PS should work as expected. If you have any issues, please let me know. Thanks!
  • Since I have so many personas loaded into Firefox for this application, it is impossible to open the "appearance" page to view which personas are loaded. Is there a way I can delete any personas from your dropdown menu in tools? There I can see the entire list, but cannot edit it. Also, you stated in a prior review that your switcher now works with "my favorite personas" but I cannot see how to access that. My personas only are accessed from within Firefox where I added them to appearance. Thanks for any help.

    In your answer you say there is a " favorite personas feature" that integrates with personas plus. Where do I find this feature?
    One of the futures for PS is to add the ability to edit the list of personas, but I'm not sure when I'll be able to add all the functionality. I'm still pondering how best to present options to a user. Maybe a different extension? The "favorite personas feature" allows integration with Personas Plus. One way to deal with too many personas is to have multiple mozilla logins, each with a different set of persona favorites, but that probably isn't the best way. Let me know if you have any other questions or suggestions. Thanks!
  • I am loooooooooving this!! Ever since Personas Rotator had stopped functioning properly and the developer hasn't shown any signs of fixing the bugs I decided to give this a try. I'm so glad I did. Works perfectly and switches ALL of my 300+ personas within the set time. However, one tiny suggestion, make it easier to disable the notification that asks to undo the switch every time a persona is changed. I was able to find the workaround listed in the about:config settings and disable it there, but not everyone knows how to use the about:config. Please add a setting for the workaround to the list of options so people won't have to hunt for it.
    No problem at all. I haven't been sure it was strictly necessary, but it now seems so. Thanks!

    Okay, the setting in now visible in the preferences. Can you check https://github.com/drsjb80/personaswitcher/blob/master/personaswitcher-2.0.1.xpi and see if it works for you? You should be able to download it and drag-n-drop to your browser. Let me know. Thanks!
  • I wish can auto switch when startup
    Are you asking if the very first thing it does when starting Firefox is switch to a new persona, instead of waiting for the auto-rotate time? Let me know. Thanks!
  • Oooops, thanks for guiding me with that. How come I was such a dork to not see that the hotkeys could be changed?!!

    Please consider the following 3 suggestions to improve this already great addon:1. The menu items should highlight, or somehow indicate which of the personas is currently active(a very important thing that is missing)2. The option to delete a persona from the menu itself(this will help people quickly try personas, and improve their list over time)3. The option to use personas that you've saved among your favourites on the mozilla website(ensures that people download your addon the first thing when they switch to a new computer).4. If possible, the ability to tag personas, or sort them into folders, and then rotate personas only from within a folder.
    Thanks for the suggestions! As for 1), the currently active persona is always the first one under the default. That's due to how personas are saved internally. Would it make sense to highlight that in addition? I've considered both 2) and 4) and I'll take a run at them when I get a chance. I haven't looked into 3) at all, but it sounds like a cool idea, so I'll definitely look into it. Thanks again!

    3) should now work. What I'm doing for 4) is creating multiple logins using different email addresses, but I'm searching for a more elegant approach.
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