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  • This does not work.
  • This program has not worked with Personas Plus for quite some time. Do not download, as it's useless. Clicking on the program icon presents a blank window. Until developers actually address this incompatibility, there's no point in adding to your browser. Avoid!
  • DOES NOT WORK!! Can somebody PLEASE tell a Firefox IT staff member to DELETE THE PROGRAMS THAT DON'T WORK if they can't repair them?!? There is NO POINT in having an add-on if it DOESN'T FREAKIN' WORK!! Get on the ball, Firefox!!
  • Needs major update, does absolutely nothing in Firefox 57. It still doesn't work in Firefox 60.0.2.
  • Does not work anymore. Please remove it from the store......
  • The best one add, I realy enjoy that !!! Thank you TEAM ;)
  • Please please fix the startup that insists on producing a popup that syas some FB button isn't installed. it's unbelievably annoying and stops the program working at all
  • Clicking on the icon for the rotator gives a blank panel. Just an empty grey blank panel. Nothing can be clicked or highlighted.

    This add-on has not worked properly for quite some time. It fails to talk to personas add-on, so my favorites collection for my custom selection of themes is now moot. This has been a chronic issue for the past several updates. The most I was able to do in the recent string of updates was swap through the featured list.

    Now it does not even work at all. As I stated, nothing but a blank panel of nothingness. I even let it sit open for several minutes in hopes that it was some sort of lag. Similar to how the latest personas add-on acts when you click on the 'favorites' tab.

    Either fix it or give it to someone who can. This used to be an enjoyable feature, but now it may as well be dead.

    Seriously, just give it to someone who cares, since it seems you do not.
  • There are no Options,No Personas plus connector
  • There are no options to configure how it behaves with your persona favorites anymore. Why was it taken out? Why is this not fixed?
  • Doesn't work with favorites any longer, which is the whole reason I've used this add-on for so long. Had to remove it until it's fixed.
  • There are no options to configure how it behaves with your persona favorites anymore. Why was it taken out? Why is this not fixed?
  • It stopped working with your Persona library. Only rotates Featured personas. Does not add context menu in Personas Plus addon.
  • I've try uninstall and reinstall that doesn't did the same thing for plus and when i do try changing the time i get this

    TypeError: window.opener.PRotator is undefined

    so can some one help me out here
  • The current one doesn't work since it cannot be configured to work with personas Plus nor can we make it rotate My Favorites at a specified time interval. However, download an older version, such as Personas Rotator 8.0.1 signed which works flawlessly.
  • it is rotating the skins but can not tell it how long to go between time so is rotating every 2 or 3 minutes. it says must install personas plus first even though i have it installed. I have tried runing as admin and uninstalling and then reinstalling. it has not helped.
  • By far my favorite Firefox plug-in! It has been broken for a couple of weeks, but I just uninstalled and reinstalled both this and Personas Plus, and it's working again. THANK YOU!
  • Thank you! This works great. Now I can finally view my own works from My Favorites and it has a built in interval time option too. So I can have it change the personas every two minutes or whatever time I specify! Great add on!
  • Glad to see this finally fixed to work again w/ Personas Plus! During the getpersonas.com integration into the regular Add-Ons website of Mozilla, it was so disappointing to see it stop working (I actually disabled it for quite some time until they worked things out), but now it's back to the way it was. And it works great on Nightly & Cyberfox 64bit!
  • It's rotating through my favorites again! I had to push the sign in button from Personas Plus (Personas Plus->My Favorites->Sign In...) Even though I was already signed in, and after doing that I simply told Personas Rotator to use my Favorites and wala! Note that I was not able to change Rotator to my favorites until after clicking sign in from Personas Plus. Attempting to do so left me prompted to log in indefinitely.
    Personas Plus version
    Personas Rotator version 8.0
    Firefox version 22.0 (probably a little old, not on my favorite os)
    OS LinuxMint 14