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  • Good concept, but:
    1) I don't want to keep the add-on toolbar open (would rather have a button).
    2) It can''t even show and let me select from my installed personas.
    3) Ugly, low-res icon.
    4) Worst of all, it seems to have broken the ability of my browser to display personas by hovering over them--even after I deleted Personas Plus.
  • option to disabled status bar icon needed :/
  • great add-onr3
  • This is a great add-on, with this add-on you can turn your browser into the program, which pleases the eye. With this supplement you can customize the browser for your mood. For example did you come tired from work, sit at the computer, go to your browser and see his old theme, immediately comes to mind is the thought: too happy, does not matter, go in and find in the "Personas plus" that you like. "Personas plus" must have in your Firefox.
  • This add-on made mozilla a more personalised browser that reflects my interests.It's fun, easy to use, i can ''wear" a different one whenever i please, since there is a plethora of them, and the best part is i can design one of my own!!i'm excited with mozilla's originality!Personas is one more reason to love it!
  • my firefox looks fantastic... just because of Personas Plus.
  • This is probably one of the easiest add ons there, very, very easy just to quickly select the toolbar and make a change from the old one to a new one! I definitely do recommend this, so much easier just to install this than having to go to addons then search its up then install, when you could just click toolbar, select personas DONE! Thanks for making firefox even easier!! coolbeanzluke
  • This is my favorite add-on so far, I love anything that helps me customize to my liking! I like being able to rotate my browser images. I would give it 5 stars, if you could organize them into various categories and then pick from a category for rotation. For instance, if I wanted all Father's Day pics or Memorial Day, etc. to be the only ones that rotate, then I would definitely give it a 5! Great job thus far though! Thank you
  • awesome---
    really now i can change MFF's personas in just few clicks!!! just click the icon, select category, select a persona, and here! THE DEED IS DONE!!!
  • Like
  • I am addicted to it as I have been changing my themes since I installed it. You can never get enough of it. Instead of changing the colors and button icons as in usual themes, this dresses your browser with a background image which can be static or dynamic. I loved a number of personas, and also appreciate the fact that user can apply their own personas. Moreover, the Persona projects great transparency effects on the browser, which doubled my browser’s charm.
  • This add-on is great! I love Personas. They give that extra flair of design to Firefox that just makes it "prettier". With Personas plus it adds the little fox icon in the bottom of the screen which makes it even easier to change them around whenever you want. With so many Personas to choose from you can switch whenever you feel and possibly never run out of Personas that you haven't tried.
  • I have so many good things to say about this addon.. I am not an artist by any means, but I know beautiful work when I see it, and I have seen it time and time again when browsing different "personas" in the addon database. I'm never without a skin to suit my mood.. Angry? There's a full moon persona for that! Peachy? There's a sunflower persona for that! They are easy to install and hardly ever conflict with my desktop UI. Thank you, developers and artists, for creating a useful, beautiful addon!
  • With personas plus the web gets more personal. Adding a personnalized banner to your browser is fun and a lot are available.
  • like this, i customize my firefox in a pretty look.
  • I love personas plus.....it makes me feel unique ;)
  • + works professionally with firefox 12
    - (no demerit)
  • This is a great way to customize your browser and give it that personality that says "you", its like buying a Harley seat cover, a bumper sticker that says "WWJD" or that Hello Kitty steering wheel wrap for your new auto :)
  • Amazing, Overwhelming, Fascinating ! That's what I call Personas Plus. This is really the mind maker, mood changer and an awesome add-on that I could ever think of. New Persona's creates a new mood to start of. It really changes my way to look a browser. Thanks to the phenomenal work by the Persona designer and developer.
  • This is the best idea anyone have ever come up with!!!
    Back in those good old days of FF3, I used to browse boring websites & search pages all day, thanks to my office's website blocking policy. So I had no other option than look at those sad websites and search pages with 16x16 stretched icons.
    After FF4 and Personas launched, I installed them both immediately. I loved the idea of dressing up your browser. After that, even those boring websites seemed somehow bearable. So now, I can at least get through my boring day with little bit of fashion.
  • The main thing I don't understand about this plugin, is that it dosen't let you choose from personas you already have downloaded that are sitting in your extensions manager.
  • bringt Abwechslung in die Gestaltung, macht Spaß öfter mal etwas zu ändern.
    Gelungenes Add-on
  • J'adore ce module, c'est devenu totalement indispensable du moment que je l'ai essayé. Merci :)
  • so ist Firefox nicht so eintönig bzw.langweilig.
  • it is beautiful