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  • Not very visual,really curt,even it works.
    Adding a visual view about what will change when I use my pic.
    More changable space we need!
  • Well, Firefox, as usual, if it ain't broken you just gotta fix it, don't ya?!
    Before, if I wanted to delete a skin from my Favorites or add it to my Favorites, I could do it easily.
    Now: NO CAN DO.
    Dya wanna help me? Here's a thought: STOP HELPING ME!
  • As this used to let you change how your browser looked without asking Mozillas permission it's probably no surprise it's stopped working.
  • not working
  • Wow
  • el add persona plus no cambia la imagen, esta ultima actualización cambio todo y solo puedo cambiar thema con el programa nativo de firefox .
    tengo win xp sp3, firefox 52.4.0 (32-bit). como es posible que se enfoquen el linux .el xp es un sistema mejor no tenga actualización, yo tengo 4 pc en mi casa todas usan XP
  • I just tried Personas Plus 2.0.0 and it doesn't show the preview on FF56.0.2.

    UPDATE: I have installed FF 57 in laptop and am using the updated PP but submitting and testing themes is very, very slow and time consuming. There needs to be a dismiss button to make it faster to go back to the previous theme. This is just my opinion so hopefully others will put their ideas in.
  • Fascinating.
  • I've been using this extension for a while and i love it. I would love to see an new update and compatible with Firefox 57+.
  • Достойное решение для Мозиллы, продолжайте в том же духе добавляя все новые темы.
  • 这个附加组件会更新么?
  • bonjour,

    Pourriez-vous faire une mise à jour pour qu'il soit accepté par firefox 55. SVP Merci
  • plz update
  • Hi,

    how could i disable this warning bar ? >>

    You selected the persona...
  • Ver 1.80 and downwards Don't use pixels and size Limit, So I can Fully Costumized My Own Theme with "Personas Plus" and "Personas Expression" With my Own Monitor Resolution.
    But Recently Newer Ver Use Pixel Restriction Likewise 3000x200 and No more larger than 300 kb.
    I Hope You guys should revert back to old System. Shouldn't restrict Pixels to Burdensome Some Users.
  • Sehr Gut ausgerichtet das noch alles oben sichtbar ist..haste wirklich Prima hinbekommen Dank!
  • I always install this first, great add on and easy to use.
  • Now I often use this addon to launch my daily need applications.Man you are a genius.Great extension. thank you for this developer.