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  • La dernière version est pourrie! Je n'ai plus accès à rien.
  • Just updated Firefox to 57.0 and themes don't stick. It sucks.
  • new version does not work. i picked random nature or scenery, the personas do not change anymore and can't figure out how to make it work again.
  • Never used it and never will, if I want a theme I use look for it on Saint Google. I do know not why it is even on my Mozilla, I did not installed it.
  • What the h...?! What's happened to my fav FF add-on? For years, I/We FF users had to merely click the add-on to be presented with a huge and ever growing selection of personas from which to select. With FF version 57, this add-on is unrecognizable and the only add-ons I have access to are the one's I've used. Can't view and select any new ones. How do we do anything with this site? I even created a github account, thinking I would then be presented with something recognizable. Nope. Pls provide some assistance. Thank you!

    Edit: I now see "themes" along the top, to the right of "explore" and "extensions" that appears to do what I ranted about. A little "welcome to the NEW Personas/Github" tutorial would have been helpful. Looking forward to continued satisfaction with this add-on.

    Edit part 2: OK, now that I've found access to over 8000 themes, I appreciate the various category tabs but a very important one is missing, or at least I haven't found it yet. How do I find themes for specific holidays such as only Thanksgiving, for instance? The holidays tab and probably the other tabs, too, need to be sub categorized. Currently, it appears to be way too time consuming to the point of nearly impossible to do as I've requested. Pls assist.
  • très simplet, extension inutile
  • Since the last update, I cannot apply themes directly or preview them; I need to actually download each theme to use it. I cannot seem to add themes to favourites anymore (or maybe the option is carefully hidden somewhere, left as an exercise for the user).
    I hate some User Experience people with a passion.
    Edit: Still no way to add favorites, and now the Favorites tab insists I must be logged in to view them. I am logged in. This is a bug. What took literally two clicks before the "improvement", now takes loading at least two pages (Home & Favorites), it's less intuitive and much more of a hassle, in addition to the lost functionality (adding favs).
  • Not very visual,really curt,even it works.
    Adding a visual view about what will change when I use my pic.
    More changable space we need!
  • Well, Firefox, as usual, if it ain't broken you just gotta fix it, don't ya?!
    Before, if I wanted to delete a skin from my Favorites or add it to my Favorites, I could do it easily.
    Now: NO CAN DO.
    Dya wanna help me? Here's a thought: STOP HELPING ME!
  • As this used to let you change how your browser looked without asking Mozillas permission it's probably no surprise it's stopped working.
  • not working
  • Wow
  • el add persona plus no cambia la imagen, esta ultima actualización cambio todo y solo puedo cambiar thema con el programa nativo de firefox .
    tengo win xp sp3, firefox 52.4.0 (32-bit). como es posible que se enfoquen el linux .el xp es un sistema mejor no tenga actualización, yo tengo 4 pc en mi casa todas usan XP