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  • très simplet, extension inutile
  • Since the last update, I cannot apply themes directly or preview them; I need to actually download each theme to use it. I cannot seem to add themes to favourites anymore (or maybe the option is carefully hidden somewhere, left as an exercise for the user).
    I hate some User Experience people with a passion.
    Edit: Still no way to add favorites, and now the Favorites tab insists I must be logged in to view them. I am logged in. This is a bug. What took literally two clicks before the "improvement", now takes loading at least two pages (Home & Favorites), it's less intuitive and much more of a hassle, in addition to the lost functionality (adding favs).
  • Not very visual,really curt,even it works.
    Adding a visual view about what will change when I use my pic.
    More changable space we need!
  • Well, Firefox, as usual, if it ain't broken you just gotta fix it, don't ya?!
    Before, if I wanted to delete a skin from my Favorites or add it to my Favorites, I could do it easily.
    Now: NO CAN DO.
    Dya wanna help me? Here's a thought: STOP HELPING ME!
  • As this used to let you change how your browser looked without asking Mozillas permission it's probably no surprise it's stopped working.
  • not working
  • Wow
  • el add persona plus no cambia la imagen, esta ultima actualización cambio todo y solo puedo cambiar thema con el programa nativo de firefox .
    tengo win xp sp3, firefox 52.4.0 (32-bit). como es posible que se enfoquen el linux .el xp es un sistema mejor no tenga actualización, yo tengo 4 pc en mi casa todas usan XP
  • I just tried Personas Plus 2.0.0 and it doesn't show the preview on FF56.0.2.

    UPDATE: I have installed FF 57 in laptop and am using the updated PP but submitting and testing themes is very, very slow and time consuming. There needs to be a dismiss button to make it faster to go back to the previous theme. This is just my opinion so hopefully others will put their ideas in.
  • Fascinating.
  • I've been using this extension for a while and i love it. I would love to see an new update and compatible with Firefox 57+.
  • Достойное решение для Мозиллы, продолжайте в том же духе добавляя все новые темы.
  • 这个附加组件会更新么?
  • bonjour,

    Pourriez-vous faire une mise à jour pour qu'il soit accepté par firefox 55. SVP Merci
  • plz update
  • Hi,

    how could i disable this warning bar ? >>

    You selected the persona...