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  • Simply stupid !
    The fact that Firefox decided "to follow the modernization of its theming technology" does not imply to kill Personas Plus and simply brush aside all the creative contributions done by thousands of users over the years.
    As Mozilla ex-Chief Marketing Officer, actual CEO Chris Beard should remember that Firefox owes its life to its users...
  • For the first time feeling so depressed with Firefox,thanks for PP for being in company for so many years :(
  • What makes other browsers to look pale in comparison.
    The person who thinks PP shall retire, can retire him self ;-)
    This very one, have to be the One addon to keep - not retire!
    Your new one is non inspiring, have been deactivated. I Hope i can keep PP without updating Firefox?
    Please reconsider, thanks.
  • I don't understand why you are doing away with the one thing that really makes Firefox feel personal to so many of us. This was an easy to use, easy to share tool. The new tool pales heavily in comparison. It doesn't make me feel warm and fuzzy and happy when I open my browser. I feel sad to see this being replaced with a tool that does no where near as many cool things. :(
  • I have loved personas plus. When I get a new computer it is one of the first things I installed with Firefox. It gives me a feeling of joy when I can express myself this way.
  • Love this and am very sad to see it leave. Just having colors is kinda lame. This seems like a big step down.
  • I'm very upset that you killing this most beautiful things in Firefox ecosystem. This is the best theming extension I have so far. Please find the way to convert existing themes to new format for people like me.
  • I am so upset about retiring this extension. I love my custom skin and do not have the skills to create one like it. Truly, it was the thing that attracted me to and kept me on Firefox. Is there any way to keep the skin? I don't want a "theme", just plain white background with the lovely drawing submitted by a developer whose name I know cannot access.
  • Retiring this app stinks, sorry. I relied on it! Why so many say they had issues with it I can't fathom. I never had a bit of problem until it was replaced with this other Firefox Color one. Now it won't stay put and I'm not pleased with this decision. I don't want to start over again thanks. How am I to get back my favorite themes now, the ones it took so long to find?
  • This extension worked perfectly, up until today. I accidentally moved the file containing my header image. I put it back where it was, but the theme is now black. So, I created a new custom theme, but it does not have a save button. There is nowhere to save my custom theme. And, if I open a link in a new window, rather than a new tab, the custom theme is not applied. The only way to get it back is to redo the customization. I am frustrated. This was a great extension, until Firefox screwed it up.
  • Yess! I was waiting a long time for that add-on, I don't know why Modzilla doesn't promote it enough
  • randomise option is missing.
  • cool
  • great
  • This app has not worked for me since the last major update...8-12 months ago. I am very disappointed. I enjoyed using the colorful personas on my Firefox window.
  • Do not like the newer version. No options and when I click on one of my favorites, the 'apply theme directly' does not work I have to go to the theme's page in order to apply it. I'm rolling back to the older version until this issue is fixed.
  • I LOVE this addon; I have been using it for many years!
  • The extension is now asking for permission to "Access your data for d1sp2sgy246t7c.cloudfront.net". Is this legit? What is this necessary for?
  • This add-on functions only in that if you want to manually change your browser skin, you can. The description URL mentions an "options" section when you click on the add-on icon. There is no such section. Also, you cannot randomize your screens as advertised. This program essentially fails to deliver on its advertised functionality. Basically a relic that hasn't been updated since Mozilla released Firefox 60.
  • I enjoy the variety of ad-ons especially the themes. I Feel that I can be as pretty or festive, or even sullen as I want to be. Good reflection of me.
  • Since upgrade of Firefox to quantum the add on has not worked. Can set for one tab but disappears when moving to other tabs and is no longer on the initial tab when going back to it. Was a good add on for previous versions of Firefox.
  • Good Stuft, Just ab... Brilliant

  • Partially broken with Firefox 60
    Unable to change on the fly themes chosen in "features" tabs (it was possible before), now we need to download theme and activate it in Firefox main menu.

    For thoses who like changing themes a lot, it will require now to clean the firefox themes section from time to time

    Also the description speaks about a "randomize" option.


    It seems that devs got drunk....

    I used to randomize themes with Persona Rotator but it is broken since Firefox 57 (Quantum)

    Very sad that Mozilla devs never answer.... randomizing themes picked up in features tab wouldn't be so much difficult
  • Gostei
  • I love everything about my Personas Plus Extension, especially the faces for my browser...