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  • Since moving to windows 8 the menu bar looked fat and ugly and i hate the alternative of using the "button" .. this addon is a stroke of genius.
  • Superb addon.

    One suggestion tho, is it possible for users who are displaying whole menu items (File, Edit, View, History, Bookmarks, Tools and Help) to add an option to hide Firefox app button since it's not needed anymore.

    To remove Firefox button i'm using App Button Remove 1.0 from https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/app-button-remove/.
  • Your addon is fantastic, because it lets people put everything in the TOP row (although I still keep my tabs in the row below that), thus reclaiming a lot of screen space for what it is MEANT to display. However, if you then customize the menu by clearing all of the menu items so that you get a Firefox menu BUTTON instead, you will find that the "Tools" menu is NOT inside the Firefox menu button, so I recommend to all users of this addon that when you customize the menu by clearing all of the menu items, you KEEP the "Tools" menu item. You sometimes will need the "Tools" menu to access the "Page info" option on sites that completely disable right clicking.
  • I was waiting it!
  • Eventually I seem to have figured out why at startup it wouldn't show custom favicons (if bookmarks are in menubar) until the menu bar is shown and hidden again.

    line 152 of browseroverlay.js must be replaced with updateMenubarItemsPosition(); (removing the preceding conditional statement) The same should happen for the following condition.

    This way the manubar in titlebar will show correctly since startup.
  • I like this idea, and think it should be built-in Firefox 4, and i vote bug#583959.

  • 5star :D
  • Would have posted on the Mozilla thread but it seemed outdated. Just letting you know there's a bug when one switches their Windows theme from using aero to disabling it, the menu bar items disappear. By this I mean, if you switch your theme to windows basic, you will notice your address bar and buttons disappear from the menu bar. Other than that, I loved this addon.
  • I prefer this addon over Hide Caption Titlebar Plus due to its simplicity, but please provide an option to remove the yellow firefox button. Thanks!
  • Could you do something about the Height of the append Bookmark or menu on the titlebar? It's some px higher than the original titlebar
  • Awesome.. greatness of an addon...

    It's breaking the "customize..." button/toolbars in the firefox 12 nightlies now though :(
  • thank you for this brilliant add-on. now my firefox looks and is functional the way i like. firefox should natively let us customise the title bar, but until then this add-on should never die. bassiliin is right about the couple of pixels empty space .
  • This add-on is very good space saver. Must-have in computers with small resolution (laptops) where every pixel has price of gold. And moreover, it looks damn nice too : ). Hopefully we see a Thunderbird version also in someday.

    BTW latest version (20111112) seems to have back this issue that titlebar is little bit too high, couple of pixels empty space below close/maximise buttons (XP, FF8).
  • Very good addon ;-)!

    But with my newly updated FF 6.0 Personal Titlebar v1.0.20110810 has a small bug when you use it with Tab Mix Plus and multi-lines tabs display: when you ask for customizing toolbars, it brokes multi-lines display and the result is that only the first tab line is displayed. Then you need to restart FF to recover multi-lines tabs display...
  • Bookmark favicon changer Ver.1.52 does not work.
  • Doesn't work at all in FF5
  • Haven't tested it throughly but so far IT'S BRILLIANT! Great idea! It should be in firefox by default!
  • This is cool!
    I was looking for something like that!
    P.S: This is working very good on Firefox 5 PL!
  • It doesn't work on firefox 5
  • A lightweight alternative to the bulky "Hide Caption Titlebar Plus". Together with "Firefox 4 UI Fixer" (for moving the statusbar and the menu button to reasonable places) it makes a compact elegant interface. The visual aspect can be improved by adding those lines to the userChrome.css file:
    /* Change Title Bar color */
    #titlebar-content {
    background: #d4d0c8 !important;

    /* Change title color and remove shadow */
    #personal-titlebar tabs tab,
    #personal-titlebar toolbarbutton,
    #personal-titlebar toolbaritem > label,
    #personal-titlebar menubar > menu {
    text-shadow: none !important;
    color: #000 !important;
  • This is a nice add-on, however my tabs aren't on the top anymore. Now the top line has the [Firefox] start button and a bunch of blank space. The second line has all my tabs. The third line has my navigation toolbar with the nicely added menu bar. Is there a way to get those three lines down to two?
  • Space Saver No Doubt :
    This is add-on does exactly what is says, but after installing so many icons Title bar looks shabby. I use this ad-on for displaying tab title in title bar exclusively (Title text is having shadow, if its clear text it would have been better). For placing icons I use add-on "personal menu" (On firefox 4.0.1).
  • I tried a couple of the hide menu extensions, but found them somewhat flaky. This is exactly what I wanted. Great job!
  • This is a great add-on for those with small screens or those who just want more space for webpages. I was able to completely eliminate a toolbar I had created for a large number of add-ons. I always thought it was a shame that so much space was essentially wasted by the titlebar; this add-on puts an end to that.
  • excellent addon
    please have it compatible for linux as well if possible!