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  • 正常に動作しませんでした。 Personal Titlebar を有効にすると、 なぜかメニュー バー全部が非表示になってしまいます。 無効化すると、 元通り表示されます。
  • This had exactly what I've wanted for a long time: a way to merge my title and menu bars.
  • Exactly what I was looking for to restore the page title to my browser without wasting any space.
  • Super addon. PLS update this addon.
  • It works
  • Works great with built in elements, but some extension icons disappear after a restart when they are placed in the titlebar (adblock plus is one example).

    I need to open the customize panel and drag the icon back, only to have it disappear again after a browser restart.

    Very annoying and makes the addon significantly less useful... please fix this issue!
  • Reading the reviews, it seems like this add-on has a common problem that, when Firefox changes its UI, this add-on can break the updated UI, until the add-on's updated for the new version.

    At the moment (FF29.1) I cannot see any of my menu items with this add-on enabled, since it hides the menu, and yet does not show it in the titlebar. This may well be something I'm doing wrong, but until I figure it out, I can't use this add-on. Which is a shame: 29.1 really needs it.

    To disable the add-on if you are affected by this, since the missing menu means you can't get to the tools->addons, you will need to go to the URL "about:addons".
  • One of my favorite add on.
    But it's not working after FF29 update.
    Please fix it and instruct how to use it with the new FF user interface.
  • One of the few addons I give 5 stars to -- not because it's my favorite, but because it is well crafted. There are a few areas of improvement possible, but nothing I would rank a star lower for. It can be a bit tricky to configure, but there are tips in the reviews if you'll scan.

    I'd like to also point out that it works well with Customize Titlebar at https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/customize_titlebar_v2/ -- an addon that helps to configure the text shown on the titlebar.
  • Addon gliches UI in FF29+ Please fix
  • Great add-on!
  • FF 25.0.1 -- no menu anymore at all, with either the Menu Bar checkbox ticked, and unticked.

    Had been working perfectly before :(
  • very thick...
  • Works as advertized with one caveat: it is not so obvious that to obtain the desired functionality: you must click the view menu, then remove the check mark for "menu bar." I suggest you add everything in that last sentence after the colon to this addon's description.
  • Thanks for updating it, works fine on 23+ versions.
  • Truly great add-on! Right click the bar and click customize to use this add-on.
  • Please update it for FF22
  • When you add options in your addon?
  • Ok, I'll raise my stars since I finally got it working. (Had to reset all toolbars to default, then put everything back the way I had it.) But you still only get 3 stars for lack of updates.
  • This AddOn is great.

    NOTE: For FF < 23 use version 1.0.20121204
  • Thank you so much for the recent update! I was lost without this.
  • To the developer: Thanks a lot. I have only a few suggestions.

    Why don't you allow us an option to change the opacity of the titlebar?

    I have placed many buttons on the titlebar, but not all of them are properly visible because they appear as opaque. Some buttons like forward, back,bookmarks drop-down button and history drop-down button can't be found anywhere on the internet customized with color to be seen on the titlebar.

    It is not the color of the titlebar as being the problem, it is just that firefox default buttons do not get along with being placed in the titlebar, so they appear as opaque. Probably something to do with windows aero, I presume.

    P.S. this add-on is 1 of the top add-ons that keeps me staying with Firefox.
  • I worked great but it suddenly stopped working today, I don't know why. Maybe conflicts with some other addons.
  • Great addon! Please make it compatible with Tab Mix Plus https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/tab-mix-plus/ . Another cool feature may be hide the "Firefox" button or let it appair like this https://addons.mozilla.org/en-us/firefox/addon/iconic-firefox-menu/