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  • Works exactly how I want it. Thank you
  • Love it, but why can't I directly block a website I have currently open in a tab anymore by simply clicking on the Personal Blocklist icon? Why was this function removed in the new version?
    Ohh I forgot to add it back when rewriting, sorry about that.

    This function will be back in the next version.
  • 太好用了!上google想搜个器件,出来一堆阿里巴巴一堆淘宝一堆京东,现在全没有了!
  • Please also make it support "Startpage.com"
    It is not that easy to support... though you are not the only one who want this...

    ref: https://github.com/wildskyf/personal-blocklist/issues/12
  • Please allow this work on Firefox mobile for android
    All the web extension APIs I need seems supported, just give me some time to test it... :)
  • Good add-on. you should give it a try
  • Works on regular Google search results, yay! Update: not so yay, adds annoying "Block *.com" footnote to every search result. Don't want or need this, takes up valuable screen real estate, please remove. This is what will eventually make me uninstall this add-on.
    Does not work on Google Images results. :-( :-( :-( All I wanted here was to remove Pinterest results from image searches. My search continues.
    Hi Bathsheba,

    The annoying "Block *.com" footnote could be remove in the preference page, you are not the only one who don't like this. ;P

    Also, you are not the only one who want the image block feature, here is the ticket:

    I will make some big change for this add-on recently, hope you are willing to wait for it. :)
  • Farewell Washington post, your subscription clickbait is gone
    It should come back! Thanks for your nice report. :)
  • Convenient and useful addition. Unfortunately, it does not always turn on.
  • Favorite addon on Windows, so its a pitty it dont work for android.
    All the web extension APIs I need seems supported, just give me some time to test it...
  • Fonctionne très bien avec Firefox 56 développeur!
    Merci beaucoup!
  • this add-on support by Android, but it's not working for cellphone page yet
    Thx for your 5 stars, I will try to make it support soon...
  • Very useful to filter the search! I like the option that hide "block this domain" in the results. Maybe it would be good to have it in the context menu?

    Suggestion: add a support for wildcards ? and *, as it doesn't seems to work now. (For instance *.fr doesn't block everything with a .fr domain). Other suggestion: add a feature to block also the access for the site. For instance, if I want to use the addon as a parental control, the child could search in Google, or typing directly the URL, or some site could redirect me to the URL I don't want. But it would be probably good to make another extension for this feature, to let this one light in weight.
  • すばらしい!
    注意: こういう拡張機能を用いたい人は大抵Google検索のURL変数に「pws=0(個別化検索を使用しない)」を含めていると思う。ブロックリストにサイトを追加したいときはこの変数を一旦抜いてGoogle検索にアクセスすること。
  • Great piece of software. Highly recommended !!!
  • This add on started out as a very good programme, just what I needed but seems quite unstable.
    For some google searches it behaves as required but then either allows blocked domains to appear or blocks everything bar one random site.
    This is a prelimanary assement as I am awaiting replies to the issues above from the developer
    Currently, this add-on will hide those urls contains any of your patterns in blocklists.

    ie, if you block 'a', then apple.com, whhhhh.ai and ailabs.tw will all be hid.

    I am still thinking about how to let user realize it via UI change...
  • Wow! Finally got rid of those pesky Pinterest results! My only complain was that I didn't like the 'block..domain' below each result and then I discovered that you can disable it in the settings! A++++++++