My favorite cookie handler! Rated 5 out of 5 stars

I've tried almost every cookie extension on here, and this one does the job for me.

While not nearly as complicated or optioned as other cookie managers such as Cookie Safe etc., this particular cookie management extension truly excels if you normally block all cookies.

It allows you to easily set your trusted exceptions on a site-by site basis with just 2 quick clicks from the status bar.

Since I normally refuse all cookies except the occasional exceptions that I run across (and delete them all on FF close), the other cookie managers had too many features/overhead which was redundant to my purpose anyway.

This one is lean and simple especially if used with the "Toggle Cookies" button available with the Toolbar Buttons extension from (try their custom button maker to get just the buttons you use) it allows me total control over cookies without ever having to open up FF's options panel.

Toggle cookies on/off with "Toggle Cookies" button.

And use Permit Cookies to set any exceptions.


In my top 10 favs!