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  • Great add-on. The option to be asked if cookies are allowed for a specific website seems to be removed by Mozilla (shame shame shame!); this is a good alternative. One downside: Hotmail requires cookies to be allowed as default, so "permit cookies" does not always function without allowing cookies as default. Otherwise: great. Should be a featured add-on. Thanks vrillusions!

  • Schnell Cookie-Berechtigungen setzen ohne unnötigen Ballast.
    Funktioniert einwandfrei.
    Lieben Dank an den Entwickler!

  • No problem, most handy.
    I run this 'Permit Cookies 2' together with the 'Self-Destructing Cookies' add-on because the latter misses 2 options : Block (cookie) and Remove (exception rule), maybe because implicitly it considers that a non-allowed cookie being removed once the site closed doesn't require an option to block it, with which I disagree. And removing (the exception rule = allow or = blocked) is more practical than having to manually remove it from Options.

    Hence, for me, 'Permit Cookie 2' is the perfect companion to 'Self-Destructing Cookies' even if it is pertinent by itself.

    I'd advise, as mentioned by the developer, starting FF42, to keep the default option 'Modify both http and https URLs' to CHECKED, mainly to avoid issues with exception rule set to allow cookie.

    Nice work, no fuss, no bloat, small, intuitive, smart.

  • The update has things working fine again. Thanks very much.

  • Simple and incredibly useful.
    Only a suggestion, if the C icon is green for allow, blue for session please make red C icon for block because the small red X is bad to view.

  • One of my "must have" Firefox addons of all times.

  • Thanks for helping out with this extension, its my favorite no frills cookie manager and I've been using it as long as I've been using Firefox.

  • Works fine and, IMO, the best "add-on mate" for the 'Self-Destructing Cookies' add-on, because it allows cookie exception creation/modification right from the toolbar, as a button. Moreover, the color of the icon (a nice "C" so logical) reflects immediately the cookie status for the site.
    Up to now I would use Firefox's 'Info Page' accessed via dedicated add-on button ('Page Info Button'), but Firefox's Info Pages manages sites' cookie status without stripping the "www", therefore often missing the site's cookie when labeled on the domain.
    Just fine.