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Version 1.9.3 55.0 KiB Works with Firefox 3.0 - 56.*

- Compatibility bump: Firefox 3.6
- Added: Submenu for Toolbarbutton (When additional menu is activated)
- Added: Shortcut-key for PermaTab Home
- Added: Possibility to close all PermaTabs at once
- New option: Ignore subdomains (e.g. when you have a permatab at, you can open inside the permatab)
- New option: Shortcut-keys are now customizable
- New option: Use icon to highlight PermaTabs
- New option: Transparent color
- Important Bugfix: No more vanishing tabs
- Bugfix: Home-Button doesn't load page in new tab/window anymore
- Bugfix: Problem with private Browsing (partial) fixed (In private browsing mode your PermaTabs won't be displayed and when creating new, they won't be saved. But when leaving private browsing all PermaTabs gets completely new opened)
- Hidden option: Do not aks before closing all PermaTabs - [extensions.permatabs.doNotPromptOnCloseAllPermaTabs] - default: false
- Hidden option: Do not save "reload Tab every..." settings of Tab Mix Plus - [extensions.permatabs.doNotSaveTabMixPlusRefreshData] - default: false
- Compatibility fix: FabTabs
- Compatibility fix: TabMix Plus ("reload Tab every..." settings gets saved and restored now)
- Compatibility fix: ColorfulTabs, FlagTab, ChromaTabs Plus, FabTabs and Aging Tabs can set colors for permanent tabs when coloring in PermaTabs mod is disabled
- Misc: Completely reworked option-window
- Some Bugfixes

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