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  • nice work bhai ! Keep up doing great work. Really handy.

  • It doesn't need changes

  • This is a very nice and convenient extension !!!
    Runs silently without adding more buttons and you can have the "List All Tabs" button always present, even with few tabs opened.
    By having the "List All Tabs" button always present, you have an alternative way to switch to Tab groups (First entry on the list) and you may remove the "Tab groups" button from the bar to save some space.
    This extension is exactly what i was looking for !!!


  • Too old extension but it seems to work. Anyway, editing the userChrome.css file in the current profile does the same thing without an addon. Still the addon is great for those not comfortable with editing firefox css files.

  • Does exactly what it's supposed to.
    PS: I've now found out (thanks to "Thomas Bertels" comment below) that this feature is native in FF (but only when 18 or more tabs are open), so I don't need it so much.

  • Why, how terribly convenient... Simple and efficient in implementation, I love it!
    And as I side note, I see a lot of reviews for Add-ons such as this one, that restore previously removed Firefox functionality. The reviewers often ask why Mozilla ever removed them in the first place. As a software developer attempts to provide a product that is streamlined and efficient as Mozilla Firefox is purported to be, they often will remove unneeded or niche features, in order to provide such a product; Mozilla's products are typically designed to facilitate easy development and implementation of additional software features anyway.

    My suggestion would be to stop lamenting these features' removal, but to praise those who devoted their time and resources to providing a independently developed alternative. Great work!

  • With a 1920 pixels horizontal resolution, it becomes difficult to find the tab we're looking for. And since the button now only shows up with half more tabs opened (15 for this resolution), this add-on is really useful! Thanks!

  • why doesnt the icon change when moved from the toolbar to the top menu? otherwise id be crazy but im still satisfied great add-on! thank you and have a good one.

  • I installed it, but see no button. And the info page doesn't even say what the button will do, even if did show up. Do you assume everyone already knows what it does? Why is there so little information, and where's the button supposed to even be?

    Developer response

    I've added an image with the button highlighted. This addon basically sets the list-all-tabs button to be always visible.

  • I don't know why mozilla keeps doing stuff like this. I don't know if it's a bug or by design but first I had to install an add-on to have a "close tab" button to the right of the titlebar now I also need this add-on...

    Thanks, it does what it says.

  • Thank you so much for writing this -- this is a much cleaner solution than the userChrome.css-editing hack (which I almost resigned myself to after failing to find any about:config setting for this, and then failing to find this add-on with my first set of search keywords). Also much appreciated was not having to restart my large Firefox session on installation (first add-on I've come across not requiring this).

    It really sucks that so many software vendors have been focused on removing options and useful features from their UIs in the past few years, but at least Firefox's add-on architecture allows extensions like this one, Noise, and Status-4-Evar to enable users to reverse wrongheaded decisions like this.

    Developer response

    Thanks for installing this. You should also check out my other addons from https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/user/5116362/

  • Thank you for bringing back list-all-tabs!

  • Nice! It works without problems in Firefox 12.0 and above, I am convinced. But the list-all-tabs button is not clearly visible in all the wallpapers of Personas. Just maybe the button should be multi-colored or otherwise be more prominent. All-in-all, five stars.

    Developer response

    Sorry, but this addon is not meant for styling the list all button. It just makes the button visible.