5 reviews for this add-on
  • neat. just started using it.
    what would be cool is if there was a quick way to switch version of the perl docs. many of us use older versions of perl on customer sites.

  • great for searching the perl documentation

  • UNMISSABLE !!! besides, in firefox, you can assign a keyword to each serch engine (I assigne the keyword 'pl' to this perldoc search engne).
    So, when I want quickly search something in perldoc (e.g. description of 'grep' function), I simply go in the address bar (with CTRL + L) and digit 'pl grep' and press ENTER .
    Et voilà !!! the perldoc page describing 'grep' opens in front of me.

    Even more useful is the CPAN search engine for Firefox (in fact perldoc is accessible from many IDE, while CPAN not): I assigned the keyword 'cp' to it, then in the address bar I digit 'cp dbi' and the page of the DBI module opens ..... fantastic

  • great for searching the perl documentation from the convenience of firefox.

  • very good, does a good job of making life easier looking up perl documentation.