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  • Very easy to use and extremely helpful for those learning Japanese. The English translations are spot on. Unfortunately, on 11/14/17, it stopped working with the latest version of Firefox (Quantum). Please make it compatible with Firefox or Chrome.

  • I like this extention so much but it doesn't work in firefox quantum anymore
    please make this happen!

  • I have been using this extension for as long as I have been trying to learn Japanese and it’s sad to see that it’s been broken in multiprocess mode since Firefox 48 and will break completely in Firefox 57 because it isn’t a WebExtension.

    The easiest way to rectify this is to port the Chrome version over to Firefox, but this is not the possible for this extension, because it was never released for Chrome.

    As a result, the Japanese dictionary will have to be ported directly from XUL/XPCOM to a WebExtension (see the MDN documentation on this for details).

  • This is a great tool for me to recall the reading of Kanji characters without having to copy and paste into a online dictionary. This saves me a lot of time when I'm just browsing around on forums and sorts.

    I do wish that it did a better job of recognizing Katakana but given how much easier it makes my reading goes, it isn't really a big deal.

  • Thank you for all your efforts. I've used perapera in the past, and it worked very well. Now however, I cannot seem to be able to look up katakana words! I'd be happy to do any kind of test needed to pinpoint the problem. Katakana is just too important to be left alone!

  • Work great and useful tool!!
    Thank you very much!!!

  • Works great and is pretty useful.

  • Have been using this add-on for a long time. Love it! Note though that the latest update of Firefox has made this add-on incompatible. While they are working on that, using a version of Firefox 39.x works perfectly.

  • I live, and work in Japan and this addon is like a godsend. I have tried using raikichan before and while the apps are similar i deffinetly prefer the layout of perapera its so much easier to read.
    Thanks and big thumbs up to the Dev.

  • This is the best add-on ever! It works perfectly and is highly customizable. I needed a replacement for Lingoes on my Linux computer and this add-on works even better. The names dictionary has been fixed by now.

  • The add-on no longer allows the use of the names dictionary, and there seems to be no plan to restore this functionality. There is still value here for those learning Japanese, but for those who used it as a more advanced research tool it is now pretty much useless.

  • I've been using this addon for years and it was always excellent, but last version is sadly broken - names dictionary (an extremely important component of the package) is non-functional and individual kanji display (accessed by pressing SHIFT when the popup is displayed) always displays the character in white, which is completely unreadable with any color scheme except charcoal. I'll be going back to the old version, that also supported both Chinese and Japanese through a single extension - I wish I haven't updated at all.

  • Super cool !

  • The ability of Perapera-kun to give definitions and pronunciations of Kanji combined with the ability of Characterize (aka "Kanjilish") to convert parts of English text to Kanji is a powerful way of aiding in the process of learning Japanese (though Characterize is limited in what and how accurately in can convert to Kanji). If only Perapera had the option of being automatically activated upon browser startup.

  • Very very very nice, useful and fun!
    If u can't get it here, try http://perapera.wordpress.com

  • nice!! just the dictionary i've been looking for. i've been searching an dictionary addon like this but to no avail i almost gave up. glad i didn't... this works like rikai.com, except it supports chinese too.. hope support for korean is not too far away...

  • works great!
    to all those who can't download:
    use http://downloads.mozdev.org/peraperakun/Peraperakun2.1.xpi

  • I don't understand how the word list work? It doesn't seem to appear no matter how many times i press "show/hide" word list or by pressing "s" when the translation came out.
    Is anyone else having this problem? It would be so useful if it works

  • dbouchard try this link.


  • I am blown away at how helpful and enjoyable this plug in is! Thank you so much for your hard work~ I am not able donate at the moment though will when I can and will recommend others do the same. Thank you so much!!!!

  • My ability to read Japanese has skyrocketed since adding this. This is one of the great add-ons for language learning. The latest version is a great improvement in usability.

  • Thanks for your effort. It has worked on Windows XP SP3 Mozilla Firefox 3.5 perfectly but not on same machine with Ubuntu 9.10 Mozilla Firefox 3.5. I'll report the bug of not being able to download it. You rock.

  • The latest version (v2.1) rocks! The toolbar buttons now works & the fonts are nice & pretty again. It's easy to activate & deactivate now too!

    Now all we need is to have more customizations for the Popup Color. To me, only the black is easy to read at the moment, especially the pronunciation beside the word. (ie the pinyin or kana/ romanji). The color contrast is still a little too light for me.

    I am also anticipating the Korean dictionary. Once it's add you are ready for world domination! Buahahah.. ! (^▽^)。♪。。♪。 Great work!

  • I love this extension. It has help me with my homework a lot of times. Its great to have. But I liked the old icon and the search function more

  • Great...Let me try this out!

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