Pentadactyl Version History

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Version 1.1 515.9 KiB Works with Firefox 24.0 - 31.*

  • Support for newer Firefox versions, particularly Australis builds.
  • Other stuff.

Version 1.0 508.0 KiB Works with Firefox 4.0 - 14.*

Version 1.0rc1.1-signed.1-signed 528.6 KiB Works with Firefox 4.0b1 - 14.0

Release announcement:  

Changes include:

  • Search changes:
    • Crude regular expression search is supported.
    • New searches now start within the current viewport where possible.
  • Text editing improvements, including:
    • Added t_gu, t_gU, and v_o mappings.
    • Added t_<C-a> and t_<C-a> mappings.
    • Added o_c, o_d, and o_y mappings.
    • Added register and basic kill ring support, t_" and I_<C-'>/I_<C-"> mappings, and :registers command.
    • Added operator modes and proper first class motion maps.
    • Improved undo support for most mappings.
  • General completion improvements
    • Greatly improved completion rendering performance, especially while scrolling.
    • Added c_<C-f>, c_<C-b>, c_<C-Tab>, and c_<C-S-Tab> for scrolling the completion list in increments larger than one line.
    • Improved handling of asynchronous completions, including:
      • Pressing <Return> after tabbing past the end of already received completions will execute the command after the desired result has arrived.
      • Tabbing past the end of available completions more reliably selects the desired completion when it is available.
      • Late arriving completion results no longer interfere with typing.
      • It is now possible to skip past the end of incomplete completion groups via the c_<C-f> and c_<C-Tab> keys.
  • Added -pentadactyl-remote command-line option.
  • Moved the smooth-scroll plugin to the core.
  • Improvements to marks:
    • Marks are now stored as line and column ordinals rather than percentages.
    • Marks now store the marked element and ensure its visibility when followed.
  • Mapping changes:
    • <C-o> and <C-i> now behave more like Vim.
    • n_G now uses 'linenumbers' to determine destination if possible.
    • Add n_s and n_S.
    • Added Operator mode for motion maps, per Vim.
    • Added n_g], n_[d and n_]d.
    • Added <C-t> to open the next mapping in a new tab.
  • Command changes:
    • Added :background command.
    • Removed :bwipeout and :bunload aliases. Changed :bdelete and:tabclose semantics slightly. The latter now only operates on visible tabs.
    • Added -id flag to :bmark command and changed updating semantics.
  • Option changes:
    • 'complete' is now a [stringlist] rather than a [charlist] and supports native autocomplete providers.
    • The precise format of 'sanitizeitems' has changed slightly.
    • Added 'findflags' option.
    • Added 'linenumbers' option.
    • Added "passwords" dialog to :dialog.
    • Added 'scrollsteps' and 'scrolltime' options.
    • Added 'spelllang' option.
    • Added 'yankshort' option.

Version 1.0b7.2.1-signed.1-signed 481.7 KiB Works with Firefox 3.6 - 9.*

  • Improved macro-string support, including automatic elision of optional elements, and array subscripts.
  • Mapping changes:
    • Added {, }, [, and ] mappings.
  • Command changes:
    • :downloads now opens a download list in the multi-line output buffer. Added -sort flag.
    • :style now supports regexp site-filters on Firefox 6+.
    • :qa closes only the current window, per Vim.
    • Added :exit command.
    • Added :dlclear command.
    • Added 's' and 'e' flags to :pageinfo command.
    • Added :pintab and :unpintab commands.
    • Extension manipulation commands, including :extenable, :extdisable, and :exttoggle, now accept a -types argument.
    • :tabmove now moves to the position of tab N, not after it. Without arguments it no longer moves the tab to the end of the list.
  • Improvements to :style and :highlight:
    • Added Find highlighting group.
  • Important option changes:
    • 'guioptions' default value has changed.
  • Option changes:
    • Added 'downloadsort' option.
    • Made 'strictfocus' a sitemap.
    • Added 'jumptags' option.
    • Added 's' flag to 'pageinfo' and changed default value.
    • Added 'passunknown' option.
    • Make 'showmode' a stringlist option.

Version 1.0b6.1.1-signed.1-signed 464.8 KiB Works with Firefox 3.6 - 6.*

Version 1.0b6.1-signed.1-signed 464.8 KiB Works with Firefox 3.6 - 4.0.*

See the release announcement for full details.

  • Further improved startup time.
  • Added site-local and script-local groups:
    • Added the :group command to define and select groups.
    • Added the -group flag to :abbreviate, :autocmd, :command, :map, :style, and friends.
    • Mappings and commands can now be bound to groups which execute only for certain websites.
    • Autocommands, commands, mappings, and styles are now automatically added to per-script groups so that most traces of a script can be easily purged.
  • Added 'timeout' and 'timeoutlen' options.
  • Added <A-b> to execute a builtin mapping.
  • Added <A-m>l and <A-m>s to aid in the construction of macros.
  • Added <Pass> pseudo-key.
  • Removed the implicit page load delays during macro playback.
  • Added the base modes Base, Main, and Command which other modes inherit key bindings from.
  • :downloads now opens a download list in the multi-line output buffer.
  • :extensions has been replaced with a more powerful :addons.
  • :javascript! now opens a Read Eval Print Loop.
  • Added -arg flag to :map.
  • Added -literal flag to :command.
  • Added :completions command. accepted by :unabbreviate, :delcommand and :unmap, respectively. than open it unconditionally.
  • :delstyle, :styleenable, :styledisable and :styletoggle accept a ! to operate on all styles.
  • 'hinttags' and 'extendedhinttags' now treat their values as CSS selectors by default.
  • 'passkeys' is now a sitemap with key chain support rather than a regexpmap.
  • 'showmode' is now a regexplist.
  • Added sitelist and sitemap option types.

Version 1.0b5.1.1-signed.1-signed 416.4 KiB Works with Firefox 3.6 - 4.0.*

Version 1.0b5 408.0 KiB Works with Firefox 3.6 - 4.0b10

Version 1.0b3 363.0 KiB Works with Firefox 3.5 - 4.0b7