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Privacy Policy

PeekYou Software

When you download and install PeekYou software, including the PeekYou Toolbar, you will begin to anonymously share the addresses of the web pages you visit online. All data is stripped of personally identifiable information before it is transmitted to our servers. Our data collection techniques have been designed to purge personally identifiable information wherever we find it. In addition, as a member of PeekYou you are assigned a randomly generated user ID ensuring your anonymity. The only contact information associated with your user ID is your registration e-mail, which we only use to send you service updates and other requested communications that you have signed up to receive from us.

We do not control what information third party websites put into their URLs or where they put it. To protect your privacy, it's our policy never to disclose or release the contents of individual URLs stored on our servers. Furthermore, all our services aggregate data across all users thereby ensuring that your privacy is protected at all times as such information does not identify you individually but is rather simply a part of an aggregate.
We honor the privacy of our Members and the privacy policies of our licensors and do not knowingly collect or license personally identifiable information from members or licensors.

PeekYou is committed to protecting your privacy. This Privacy Policy, which is a binding part of PeekYou’s Website Terms of Use ("Agreement"), explains the type of information PeekYou collects through its website and the PeekYou browser companion software ("Toolbar Service"), and what PeekYou does with such information.


Please read the following privacy policy carefully before downloading and using PeekYou's Toolbar Service software or using the PeekYou website. If you download and use PeekYou's Toolbar Service software or use the PeekYou website, you will be bound by the terms of the Agreement, including this Privacy Policy. This policy may change from time to time so you should check it frequently.

PeekYou's Toolbar Service improves your ability to use the Web. One of its most important features is the augmentation it provides of search results from traditional search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Live Search. This feature automatically supplements your search results from these search engines by adding a line of text below each link to reveal the identities of the people who are "related" to that search result: whether they be blogs’ authors, homepage owners, webmasters, article author, the executive of a business whose page you are viewing, etc. PeekYou’s toolbar does this by cross-referencing the links you are viewing with PeekYou’s internal database of people profiles.
PeekYou does not attempt to determine the identity of any PeekYou user by analyzing Web usage patterns.

What types of information does PeekYou collect?

If you are visiting the PeekYou website (, we collect the following information: the full Uniform Resource Locator("URL") of the Web page from which you came to; your Internet Protocol ("IP") address, which may include a domain name; the date and time for each page you view; the name of and information about any advertisement that brought you to the PeekYou website; searches you perform, links you click on; and computer and connection information such as browser type and version, operating system, and platform. We also transmit cookies to your computer so we can track the pages of our website that you view and the order in which you view them.
If you use the Contact This User feature, we collect your message and your e-mail address for the purpose of allowing the user you contacted to email you back. We do not send other e-mail to your address(es).

If you download and install the PeekYou toolbar, we collect any information voluntarily provided by you during the installation and registration process, which can include your e-mail address as well as demographic information such as gender, age, occupation, household income, zip code and country. We also collect the name of and information about any advertisement that brought you to the PeekYou download. Any e-mail address that you give us during the installation process is kept separate from information collected during your use of the Toolbar Service and is not used to correlate your identity to Web usage patterns or shopping information. Demographic information is correlated to Web usage but we do not attempt to determine your identity by analyzing this information.

When you download the software and at times during your use of the PeekYou website and Toolbar Service, we transmit PeekYou cookies to the hard drive of your computer. These cookies assign your Web browser a unique series of numbers, letters, or characters that enable PeekYou's servers to recognize and identify your Web browser when you are using the Toolbar Service. They also enable PeekYou to track and store information about your Web usage patterns while using the Toolbar Service. See below for more information about how PeekYou uses this data.

When you use the Toolbar Service, we collect information about the websites you visit, the searches you perform when you use the "search" function, and the pages you view. This data allows us to provide you with information about the person referenced in the Web page you are viewing and to build our database of people. Thus, for every Web page you view while using the Toolbar Service, the PeekYou software transmits and stores the following information from your computer to PeekYou:

• Your IP address, which may include a domain name.
• The full URL of the Web page you are visiting.
• General information about your browser.
• General information about your computer's operating system.
• Your PeekYou cookie number.
• The date and time the above information is logged.

All of the above information is logged together in a single data string for each Web page you visit. Each string is logged in our database in the chronological order received from our hundreds of thousands of users.
Does PeekYou collect personally identifiable information?

The URLs we collect through the Toolbar Service sometimes contain personal information about you. For example, when you enter information on a Web page (e.g., when you complete an online registration form or sign up for a contest), the operator of the website may insert that information into its URL for that or the next page. This information often appears after a question mark ("?") in the URL, although it can appear in other places. This means that your name, your address, your e-mail address, or similar information you might consider private or personally identifiable which you enter into a Web page sometimes become part of a URL that is then transmitted to PeekYou and automatically stored in PeekYou's databases. This can also occur with words, topics, products, or phrases you enter into search engines - whether those engines are provided by the PeekYou Toolbar Service itself or found elsewhere on the Web - while using the PeekYou Toolbar Service. PeekYou has no control over what information third party websites put into their URLs or where they put it, but any information in each URL is collected and stored by PeekYou when you are using the Toolbar Service.

If you e-mail PeekYou, we may store copies of such e-mail or similar communications between you and PeekYou. This can result in the collection of your e-mail address or other personally identifiable information you may have in your e-mail text, addresses, or other fields, as well as the collection of the your IP address, the Internet or other routing of your communication, and the date and time of your communication. We do not attempt to correlate this information to your PeekYou cookie number or your usage patterns unless responding to your inquiry requires us to do so.

Although these information logs may contain personally identifiable information, PeekYou does not attempt to correlate cookie numbers, usage patterns, or demographic information to your e-mail address and does not attempt to determine the identity of any PeekYou user by analyzing this information, except as required by subpoenas, court orders or legal requirements.
All transmissions between you and PeekYou, including e-mails, URLs, cookie identification numbers, usage patterns, and any personally identifiable information they might contain, pass through many third party machines, operating systems, programs, browsers, Web servers, networks, routers, Ethernet switches, ISPs, proxy servers, intranets, the public telephone systems, or other devices, any of which may create activity logs containing such transmissions.

What does PeekYou do with the information it collects?

How does PeekYou share the information it collects?
User privacy has always been a core value of PeekYou. That is why PeekYou does not attempt to determine the identity of its users or correlate their e-mail addresses with their Web usage patterns. Except as described below, PeekYou does not intentionally disclose personally identifying information collected from any user to any third party without the user's consent.

We disclose any information we possess in response to subpoenas, court orders, or legal requirements, and such information might be used by the receiving party to determine your identity, your Web usage and online shopping behavior, or other things about you. We generally do not inform users of such requests for information, although we might try to do so in some cases.

We employ other companies and individuals to perform functions on our behalf, such as technical support services. To perform those functions, it may be necessary for them to obtain access to PeekYou's databases and servers, which may contain personally identifying information about users. They may not use such access or information for any purpose other than that for which they are retained.

In the event that PeekYou or substantially all of its assets are sold or acquired, all information collected by PeekYou would be transferred to the acquiring party. In any such transfer, however, such information would remain subject to any applicable terms and conditions, including the terms of this Privacy Policy and any amendment thereto.

We use PeekYou cookies for such functions as verifying that you are a PeekYou user, counting and tracking your PeekYou website visits, setting the appearance of the toolbar, helping the toolbar remember which module and tab you were last on and which search feature you used last, remembering the default search engine that you used in our Web search feature, and determining the length of time you spent on a Web page. We further use cookies to determine the number of visitors that came to the PeekYou website through a particular advertisement.

We use IP addresses to diagnose problems with our servers and to administer our website. Your IP address also is used by PeekYou to gather broad demographic information, such as your general geographic location and Internet Service Provider. IP addresses are further used to help determine the number of PeekYou users. This demographic information may also be used by PeekYou to analyze aggregate Web usage behavior.

How is your information protected?

PeekYou uses commercially reasonable computer security safeguards to protect its databases and servers against risks of loss, unauthorized access, destruction, misuse, modification, or inadvertent or improper disclosure of data. These risks, however, cannot be completely eliminated and PeekYou therefore cannot guarantee complete security.
PeekYou also segregates certain personally identifiable information provided by you. Any e-mail address you chose to provide is stored in a database. Your usage patterns are stored on a separate database and server that can be accessed only by a limited number of PeekYou employees. Also, any demographic information you chose to provide is stored, along with your PeekYou cookie number and the name of any advertisement that brought you to the PeekYou download, in a database separate from e-mail addresses and Web usage pattern information. PeekYou prohibits its employees from using any of this information to determine your identity.

No Confidentiality for Customer Feedback

Feedback and other comments and statements that you chose to submit to PeekYou by any means - whether by e-mail to PeekYou Customer Service, telephone, letter, or any other means - shall be considered non-confidential. PeekYou is free to use such information on an unrestricted basis.

Data Collection and Use Practices by Other Businesses We Do Not Control
The Toolbar Service and PeekYou website provide links to various features, services, and Web pages provided solely by our in-house technologies for harvesting the web, or by our users who contribute information voluntarily to create, supplement, or correct any profiles in our database. Often the information PeekYou provides through its millions of profiles, consists of links from publically available internet sources such as news websites, social networking profiles (Facebook, MySpace, Friendster, etc), blog posts, Amazon/eBay profiles, etc.

The links take you to pages provided solely by those entities, although sometimes the pages may be co-branded with the PeekYou logo. You will be able to tell when another entity is involved with providing features, services, or Web pages, and any information about your interaction with those Web pages, including which pages and advertisements you view and any search terms or other information you enter, will be received by that other business.

When you click on links to other businesses, those businesses may attach a cookie to your hard drive and may collect information about you. PeekYou makes no claims or representations about what those businesses do or do not collect about you. Please review any terms of use and privacy policies of those other businesses to learn about their data collection and data use practices.

Further, our business partners may post advertisements on pages co-branded with the PeekYou logo. Those advertisements are transmitted to your browser directly by the advertiser or the business partner, not by PeekYou, and those advertisers may transmit a cookie to your hard drive and may collect information about you. If an advertiser or its ad server has previously placed a cookie on your machine, it may recognize the cookie and learn you have visited our co-branded Web page or used our Toolbar Service even though you do not click on the advertisement. PeekYou makes no claim or representations concerning what such advertisers do or do not collect about you, and refers you to those entities for information about their privacy practices.

You acknowledge and agree that PeekYou is not responsible for any content, advertising, products, or other materials on the websites (whether co-branded with the PeekYou logo or not) of or available from other businesses that we do not control. You further acknowledge that PeekYou shall not be responsible or liable, directly or indirectly, for any damage or loss caused by or in connection with use of or reliance on any such content, goods or services available on or through any such site or resource.

How to Change Your Information

You can inform us of a change in the e-mail address or demographic information you provide us by contacting us. PeekYou also enables and strongly encourages users to access, review, and change personal information on their PeekYou profiles or on other people’s profiles, in order to increase the accuracy of our data. PeekYou also enables users to delete information on PeekYou profiles, including links, tags, and photos. If you contact us so that we may assist you in deleting or editing information contained in any profile, please include the URL of the specific profile you want ammended.

If you do not want to receive PeekYou newsletters, offers, and product and service information, simply contact us and be sure to include the e-mail address where such information is being sent, and state that you no longer want to receive PeekYou information and updates.

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