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Oh, so that's what you meant by 'democratize', huh? I've certainly seen some of the * reviews being deleted, but I didn't say anything on that matter - well, author could've changed their opinion and deleted reviews themselves. Well, ok, stuff happens, right?
But hey, I certainly didn't delete my review and guess what? - it's missing! So, censoring negative reviews that are not convenient for you is a part of your 'democratize web orgaization' policy, huh?

It seems that developers can't take a fair criticism and are allergic to negative opinion. Well, here you go, try not to sneeze:

Squarefolds is nothing close to the product which received so much positive reviews. It was Pearltrees. Did you notice that there's almost no positive reviews for this product that came after May. Well, that's because they've taken everything, that was good in Pearltrees - customization, organization, trees, pearls. Instead of unique pearltrees that you had in version 1, not you just a pile of square icons, tossed in a folder.
Squarefolds is just a... disappointment.

P.S. Let's see how long this review lasts.

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