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  • 很不错
  • Merci beaucoup pour cette merveilleuse extension qui porte magnifiquement son nom... Pratique et discrète, l'accueil y est sympathique comme une bonne partie des autres usagers. Courtoisie, respect et partages ne sont pas de vains mais particulièrement agréables ; ils sont, surtout, véritablement mis en pratique. Heureuse de voir que ces qualités ne se perdent pas partout. Merci encore, très bonne continuation à vous dans tous projets ainsi que ceux à venir !!!
  • wonderful and useful extension i am using per day and i really enjoy and boosting all my post and i see all my post in 6 months in one page and that's awesome
  • not exciting
  • Interesting idea, but if you want to keep your collections private you have to pay for the premium version. It's basically a different take on Pinterest... unless you pay up.
  • Very Useful tool. Collect all your Important articles and blogs in just simple steps.
  • One of the best extension on firefox!
  • Amazing add on.
  • Aplicacion con multipes usos y facil compartir los contenidos guardados
  • I love this add on.
  • Stunning add on!
  • Love this app, allows you to easily curate your content.
  • It's wonderful except that I really don't like the idea that it's open to everyone to see; should be an opt in/out for it and unfortunately because of this I'm uninstalling it, when such an option will be available I'll install it again and I'll give you 5 stars.
  • Great for organizing your browser. Works well.
  • no work from China.
  • I've found PearlTress really useful to help organize my web browsing. Great extension that's easy to use, you can easily save sites you want to return to in the future without having your browser constantly lag.
  • superb for studying on your own
  • Useful
  • Free version has public only data savings option

  • Good Add-on for Firefox
  • Очень полезное лриложение!
  • Very good
  • Ok
  • Said in the topic
  • Fast and efficient download, and installation on the browser. Brought me right away to sign up to use the add-on.

    Found it easy to use and to save websites that I would like to either revisit, or to use later on. The adding of websites to a collection did take longer than I expected to show up, causing me to confused as to why I didn't see anything until a few minutes later.

    Overall, a great add-on to help me be organized while on the web!