133 reviews for this add-on
  • The best PDF converter out there. It became paid recently, but even the free version produces top quality PDFs without any watermarks or other annoying stuff.

  • It used to work perfectly, i.e. an exact reproduction of the web page into a pdf (for FF v 55 and below at least). As of the last few days, it still works, BUT, it saves the pdf as "secured" with no printing allowed(!), even after "unblocking" it. If the developer is reading these reviews, please explain. A pdf file is for printing primarily.

  • I've not even had a chance to use this yet but I will be uninstalling it before I have the chance. This turns quickly into nag ware after installation. It takes over your browser (even in private) and takes you to a nag page every time you open a browser. I repeat, I've not even used this yet!!

  • Too slow to save a file and the fonts are all wrong.

  • doesn't work on google translate

  • It works as intended!!

  • There was no clear indication that this addon will send your page for conversion/preview to another server.
    Not good for privacy sensitive material as bookings or travel tickets, etc. Try to find out an alternative which does the processing and saving on your local PC.

  • Best Pdf maker ever. We have been looking for a pdf program to make our pdfs without leaving the bottom frame in the middle of it. Thank you for making this.

  • I did try every pdf-print add-on for Firefox.
    The last six months it was a few times only when it could get the pdf.

    This service is the Best because:
    - doesn't hang like others;
    - no adds in pdf,
    - no cuts off

    and it prints correct from any website.

  • This addon does not work on Firefox. It works perfectly on Chrome buttons on Firefox it just loads white page with the following message:

    Error reading current page: Missing host permission for the tab

  • I have tried 3 other 'Web Page to PDF' Extensions. This one is by far the best. PDF Mage? Think of a better name.

  • It doesn't save what you are viewing, but sends the URL from currently opened tab to an external service.

  • Fonctionne parfaitement, le découpage des pages est parfois un peu bizarre mais je ne vois pas comment faire au niveau de la programmation. Merci pour le développeur.

  • Simples, prático e objetivo.

  • How does this work? I don't know, but it works!

  • спасибо!

  • Does exactly what it says.

    Only improvement would be to have a specified download path for PDF's made by this add-on. Currently they go into the default Firefox download path.

  • Salva só uma parte, não salvou o final da página e nem os comentários. Para mim é importante, pois usaria em um processo judicial.

  • Why is the background of the generated pdf totally black?

  • I'd love it it it worked at all.

  • Для тех у кого дополнение не работает: 1. После установки софтины, FF необходимо рестартануть. 2. Для отображения картинок в сохранённых PDFниках, нужную страницу сайта необходимо проскролить для полной подгрузки в кэш браузера картинок.

  • Speichert nicht. 6. Setzen!

  • Exported pages with all the embedded links into the pdf. Produced a replica of webpage except it was now pdf.

  • All the formatting is always broken. This addon is just useless.

  • No complaints. I can now save my articles for later its great.