The blinking dots and <REMOVE> work Rated 1 out of 5 stars

Not deserving of even 1/2 star. Add-on consistently fails to work regardless of FF version. Once the "save as PDF" option is selected, the hurry up and wait screen pops up telling you that your document is being converted (by what seems to be a server in the Twilight Zone). Little blinking dots blink, but there is no indication of progress, difficulties, or success. There is no way to abort the process short of <STOP/RELOAD> or closing the tab it's running in. Loaded PDF Download onto 2 different laptops and 2 desktops of various architecture and OSes (Intel P4 HT- 3Ghz, w/8gig RAM. XP SP3 on the desktops) and AMD TK-55 Athlon 64 X2 dual cores@1.8Ghz. One has Vista SP2 and the other Vista Business SP2, both w/4gig RAM. All 4 machines react with the same results...little blinking dots when the add-in is invoked. Just for kicks, I loaded it onto a brand new HDD with a clean install of Vista SP2 and no other add-on apps in FF 8.0. Nothing else installed, just the OS and FF and it still won't work. Hitting the <REMOVE> button under Add-ons does work, fortunately.