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  • very broken extension
  • CAT: no funciona, excepte si l'instal·lo, i una única vegada. Firefox for Linux MInt 72.0.1
    ENG: doesn't work, unless I reinstall it, and just once. Firefox for Linux MInt 72.0.1
  • Need add add-on compatibility with 2fa
  • C x
  • It was working very well, but now its feature "Save to pCloud on the right-click context menu" disappears when restart FireFox, therefor I have to reinstall pCloud add-on every time FireFox start!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Please update this add-on.
  • Ne refonctionne plus ...

    Commentaire du 2019-12-04 : Je ne sais pas ce qui c'est passé entre hier et aujourd'hui mais tout refonctionne :)

    Commentaire du 2019-12-03 : Impossible de sauvegarder des fichiers dans le cloud !! Ne fonctionne plus !!
  • не работает вообще.
    просто висит значок и все. в меню кнопки сохранить так и нет, т.е сохранить сразу в облако у вас не получится.
    двух факторная авторизация тоже не работает с с браузерным дополнением.
    вроде классная вещь,но тут на нее забили
  • Much Apperciated
  • La extensión tiene un pequeño inconveniente, cuando guarda imágenes de paginas como cuanto cabrón, las cuales tienen nombres largos, la extensión guarda la imagen original pero también una imagen en negro... Seria genial si pudieran solucionar este problema.

    The extension has a small drawback, when it saves images of pages like how "Cuanto Cabron", which have long names, the extension saves the original image but also a black image ... It would be great if they could solve this problem.
  • Doesn't work if you use 2FA for pCloud account :-(
  • Con la verfificación de 2 pasos no se puede hacer login, por favor, ¿pueden decirme si es un bug de la extensión o no? gracias
  • Doesn't work if you use 2FA for pCloud account :-(
  • This extension break preview for xml :(
  • Edit: Even after an update, it still doesn't work with two-factor authentication. Way to go, pCloud.

    The extension doesn't work with two-factor authentication enabled. The developers are aware and have been saying for months that this would be addressed. It hasn't been. So if you want a product to save web content but ALSO value account security, look elsewhere.
  • Install, sign in, right click, download to pCloud. The Premium Lifetime plan is looking like a good option.
  • Cannot login to extension. I have 2 factor authentication enabled. My guess is that this is cause of problem, extension just writes "incorrect password". Will definitely change my review and rating when will be able to log in :)

    This is a bit sad - just became premium customer, and a bummer encountered.
  • This extensions make it easier to save web content to pCloud, unfortunately I have to disable this extensions because it keep inserting hidden code in all web text area e.g. Contact form's message box, Wordpress' editor, etc.