PatentlyUseful(tm) Patent Number Search Engine Version History

2 versions

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Version 20090827 1.0 KiB

Minor changes to make it more easily understandable as well as help show difference between this search and a patent application search (forthcoming)

Version 20090803 1.0 KiB

Provides a quick way to look up a patent at the USPTO web site through the search bar.

Additionally, one can use the URL or address bar. Simply assign this search engine a keyword by clicking on the select engine arrow on the left of the search box and going to "Manage Search Engines." Then assign a keyword by selecting the Engine "Enter Pat Num" and then clicking on "Edit Keyword." Enter the desired keyword (e.g. "p") and save.

Now you can type the assigned keyword followed by a space and the patent number and you will automatically go to the patent at the USPTO. For example, if you assigned "p" as the keyword if you type "p 7123456" into the address bar, once you hit enter you will go to US Pat. No. 7,123,456 at the USPTO.

Please also check out the PatentlyUseful for USPTO addon which makes viewing and working with a patent easier. It is located here: