It's all about ads Rated 1 out of 5 stars

You have to remember pastbin's revenue model is to expose you to ads. So of course they won't log you in automatically, etc. Each step you take on their site gives them more opportunity to expose you to their ads, and gain more revenue.

Too bad. I would check out, which provides a very similar experience to this plugin, but without ads, without a public mode (most people want private anyway), etc. Very simple and sleek.

Unfortunately my needs are different than most. I effectively want a secure cut buffer shared between machines. So I need pastebin with a persistent login, so I can copy/paste text between machines quickly. I don't want the delay and clumsiness involved with e-mailing a URL. I also need encryption, for security. This site doesn't really address these needs, unfortunately. It's too much trouble to keep logging in all the time, and there's no security (other than taking their word for it - which of course isn't security).