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  • Wow fantastic I needed an addon that would paste & go to new tab so made it myself and was uploading it to AMO then came across this. My addon is seriously low tech 15minute whip up. But it uses localization of the browse itself so i dont need to provide my own. But it also shows the"Paste &Go - new tab" item when you click anywhere on the tab strip, could you please add that feature to this addon, I love your idea of "paste to specific tab" and go i might find that useful too, but i definitely need the "paste and go in new tab" available in a right click anywhere in the tab strip.

    Edit: wow i just downloaded this and it works exactly as i wanted!! Super cool, no need for my addon. But would be nice if this was restartless :) And man the "paste and go to new background tab" in url bar is so useful!!

    Edit edit: Ah it needs to obey the shift key with respect to browse setting for focus: https://github.com/Noitidart/Paste-Go-with-New-Tab/blob/master/bootstrap.js#L28-L42 (except for the "paste and go to new bg tab" that shows in urlbar right click, that should always load in background tab, because if i wanted a new tab i would have right clicked just a couple centimeters over :P

    Edit edit edit: when i click on a tab i only see "paste to this tab and go" i need the "paste to new tab and go" too please. Becuase i have so many tabs i have no whitespace in tab bar to click on :( I would love to collaborate with you on this to make it restartless and land these features. And fully localized :)
  • ...but I wish, there were some icons (placeable in the toolbars) to click, instead fiddeling around with the context menu items.
    so its kinda inconvenient to use this convenient addon :-)
  • great addon, i often forget to open a new tab before entering the search string , so this is a life saver.
    i understand the other reviews but there are better means(addons) to directly call a text link than a shortcut.
  • ...if only it provided configurable keyboard shortcuts as others have previously requested and/or buttons that can be placed on the toolbar.
  • Don't want to sound harsh, but the absence of a keyboard shortcut renders it useless.
    Just count the steps you have to follow in order to load a URL.
    Assuming you have already copied the link you must:
    1. Move the cursor on one of the bars/tabs
    2. Right click
    3. Scroll down and pick it
    4. Click again

    Now if you would please indulge me and compare it with the -no longer supported- “Paste and Go 3” [https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/paste-and-go-3/]
    *Your custom keyboard shortcut* [e.g Ctrl+Shift+v] = > Paste & Go - ONE STEP!
    *Your custom keyboard shortcut* [e.g Ctrl+Shift+s] = > Paste & Search - ONE STEP!

    When it comes to convenience, there is NO comparison as to which is better.
    Unless of course you're one of those types who, in order to save a file, would rather move the mouse to File tab and pick Save instead of merely pressing Ctrl+S.
    Until someone manages to create such an add-on, I'm sticking with the *modified* version of “Paste and Go 3 1.0.5”

    Zulkarnain K., your efforts and time you've spent developing this plug-in are greatly appreciated, that goes without saying.
    BUT, there's always room for improvement - Can/Will you add customizable keyboard shortcuts?
  • Fantastic addon. Does exactly as it says, just right click the 'new tab' "+" icon, select Paste and Go, and you're there. I agree, this should be a Firefox default option. Thank you to the author for such a fine addon. :-)
  • Should've made as default in FF. One request: a keyboard shortcut would be great addition.
  • I'll reply to my own comment below:

    The current version of Paste and Go ( https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/9133/ ) already does that, if you configure it properly. It can either paste and go to a blank tab, or to a new tab. So it fulfills both functions.
  • For those complaining that you have to open the tab first: NO YOU DON'T HAVE TO.
    You right click on the TAB BAR, and select "Paste to tab a go". It's as simple as that.
    However, it would be great if we could have both functionalities: the "paste to tab" and the classic "paste and go" in just one extension. Right now, I am using both extensions. Suggestion for the developer?
  • Namely, "New tab, Paste, Go". Very handy.

    To answer a couple of earlier comments, this add-on works fine for me in Firefox 3.6.3. Also, it does open a new tab automatically and loads the URL from the clipboard, all in one click. In Opera you click in the address bar, here you click in the tab bar -- you get used to it.
  • Does not work for me with Firefox 3.6.
    Please report any issues and describe your problem with details at
  • "Yeah... or how about just "paste and go" where the tab gets opened automatically... Why do I have to open the tab myself?"

    I was going to post the exact same thing.
  • Yeah... or how about just "paste and go" where the tab gets opened automatically... Why do I have to open the tab myself?
    Just enable the "When I open a link in a new tab, switch to it immediately" in Firefox Tabs Options
  • Yeah... or how about just "paste and go" where the tab gets opened automatically... Why do I have to open the tab myself?
  • I use firefox 3.5.1 it doesnt work :(
  • Works very well, but it would be even better if it could search using the search engine selected in the search box, not only using google.
  • Firefox 3.5 Support?
  • This is pretty useful except that it is the first thing on the right click menu, where new tab normally is (which I normally click without looking). If it was moved down I would use it, until then I don't think I will.
  • Thanks team'sPaste to Tab and Go which build this plugins.this can help me to do work.
  • It's great if Paste for tab and go has button in toolbar that can click to go url or go search box or using shortcut key
  • It would be more useful if I right click on a empty space just beside the tab and click Paste to Tab and Go, which would create a new tab and load the URL on it. I don't have to open a new that and click Paste to Tab and Go.
  • I need some shortcuts. After Cntl+C and Cntl+T, I don' want to use mouse.
  • I've only been using it for a couple of hours but so far so good, I am having a ball and would recommend it to my friends and family.
  • I've only been using it for a couple of hours but so far so good, I am having a ball and would recommend it to my friends and family.
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