Meet the PasswordProtect Developer

Why was PasswordProtect created?

I am a college student. And I had a course called Algorithms Analysis in my 4th semester for which I had to develop a project. And I really wanted to make something that could be of practical use. I thought of a lot of project ideas and proposed them to my teachers. After getting denied again and again, I decided to come up with a project which my teachers could understand and I should be able to convince that I will be able to do the project - earlier either my teachers didn't understand my previous proposals or they thought the project will be too difficult for me to do. And then came the perfect idea - the idea for a project which could be practically used and my teachers could also understand it.

The idea was that generally people who use Internet and are not techie may not know about a lot of security related issues on the web. At the same time, remembering a lot of passwords for your different accounts is a big problem that most of us want to get rid of. So, I started thinking of how can this problem be solved. And found the answer in a related project done at Stanford. Thanks to Stanford, I now have launched a working extension for this.

This project solves lots of problems like remembering multiple passwords, password phishing, key logging. This project started to look like a perfect project idea. And so I went ahead with it.

What's next for PasswordProtect

1. The Secure Password Generator will be available on the support website soon. So that if you want to login on a computer which does not have PasswordProtect, you can enter the password that you always type for logging in and the site address on which you want to login and you will get the secure password which you can copy and paste in the password field of the website to login.
2. Implement SHA-2 family of hashing.
3. Probably work out a solution to give advanced options for users with technical knowledge:
3.1. To choose hashing algorithms.
3.2. To give options for salting.

About the Developer

Developer Information
Name Vaidik Kapoor
Location New Delhi, India
Occupation Student
User since April 11, 2011
Number of add-ons developed 1 add-on
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