Rated 5 out of 5 stars

This addon is great. It can generate passwords for every website and you can set up individual profiles for websites that put different constraints on the characters used in passwords.

Having just had to move to a new machine I was struggling with the import, however this addon stores its settings in a file passwordmaker.rdf (case-sensitive!) inside the individual Firefox Profile (Firefox help can show you where that is). If you've exported your settings into a .rdf file, copy it into the profile and make sure it is called passwordmaker.rdf (all lower case).

Hope this review helps someone to make this addon work in newer versions of Firefox. I would be lost without this addon generating passwords for me and I'm sure it is a thousand times more secure than similar addons that store the passwords in the cloud somewhere. After all you can choose which characters to include in your password generation and how it hashes the website with your master password. Lots of choice so almost impossible for someone to download the addon and guess your settings.

It's much appreciated. I do not maintain the addon anymore, but there are many ports of it to other platforms (including more than one for Chrome, Android, iOS, etc). I try to maintain passwordmaker.org with the port list but it is sadly out of date. Some ports mentioned in the PasswordMaker Forums are not listed at passwordmaker.org yet. Good luck --eric jung, PasswordMaker author.