Rated 5 out of 5 stars

This was by far the best and fastest tool for password management ever. It was secure, safe and very easy to use. I preferred the ability to list all of the passwords and their respective data in the notes section. Simply C&P the "old" version of a password there would ensure it's retention. Changing the URL data was also a great way to change the resulting password for those sites that require it. I could also save back ups on a USB drive and transfer to another computer. This Addon seems to have been abandoned but rumors abound that it is still alive. Please make the information available so that those of us who want to continue using this can find a way to either help development or get the updated files. It does not allow import in FF 4x
Thank you.

Thanks for the compliments. It's much appreciated. I do not maintain the addon anymore, but there are many ports of it to other platforms (including more than one for Chrome, Android, iOS, etc). I try to maintain passwordmaker.org with the port list but it is sadly out of date. Some ports mentioned in the PasswordMaker Forums are not listed at passwordmaker.org yet. Good luck --eric jung, PasswordMaker author.