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  • Would be great if hash words could be calculated using both site tag AND user ID. Workaround: append user ID to the site tag before word generation.

  • Wish list: make a 'portable page' that works with Symbian s60 smartphone browser.

  • Great idea. I don't have to worry about losing my passwords, since it generates the same password for each website every time.
    Minor issue, the little button that appears below password fields, that causes issues with a few websites, Hulu.com for example.

  • Password? What password? I can't remember it ... :(

    Solution: Use Password Hasher :)

    Great work!!!!!

  • I love this add-on for the very simplicity of use and its excellent integration. Totally not upgrading my Firefox until there's a compatible version of this for 3.5!

  • One of my best preferred addon.
    Until u don't update to 3.5 i will not update ;-)
    Thank u :-)

  • Das Addon ist wirklich super und würde die Sicherheit im Web sicherlich erhöhen. Vielleicht ist das Tool dafür noch etwas zu unintutiv, aber für bewusste Internetnutzer auf jeden Fall ein Muss und total machbar. Habe das Tool mit 3.5 getestet und es scheint wohl zu laufen, denke aber das man da erstmal auf ein Update von Seiten der Programmier warten sollte :(

  • simple and effective. However, what is the upgrade policy? No upgrade for FF3.1. Will there be a version for FF3.5?

  • Nice add on. Specially when you cant think of passwords for all those sites where you need them.

  • Best password hasher/randomizer I've used. The exported html page is really useful.

  • Pros: Simple to use, good feature set, bump feature is very handy, handles site-specific restrictions well, excellent built-in help.

    Cons: Doesn't clear master keys from FF until you regenerate the hash with Remember Master Keys off!

    Doesn't remember usernames.

    Stores 3 entries in FF password manager for each site: master key, site tag and site settings. Tag and settings could be combined, and it would be better if there was only one master key for all sites - I don't see why you would use it and still have to remember different passwords for different sites?

    Also could use an "alphabetic characters only" option as well as the digits only one.

  • If you install only one, it's THIS one.
    Best firefox addon ever ever !
    Thanks scooper.

  • I have the latest Firefox and have some other add-ons, but when I tried to get Password Hasher to work it froze Firefox. It looks like a great add-on, but it doesn't work for me.

  • I loved the Firefox 2 versions, but the Firefox 3-compatible ones (1.1.2, 1.1.3) from the author's site have two minor but annoying problems.

    (1) The extension disabled the keyboard shortcut "Command + C" for copying text. (I have a PowerPC Mac running OS 10.4.11.) Right-clicking and the pulldown menu still work, but these don't come naturally to me and take more time. If I select some text and hit Command+C, the "Copy" menu blinks, but the Clipboard contents don't change.

    (2) It takes several seconds for the Password Hasher menu to disappear after I hit the Return key. This used to be instantaneous in the FF2 version.

    I can live with (2), but (1) has led me to uninstall the extension and go back to using the online version. Now debating whether I want to switch to a different extension and change 30 passwords....

  • If you go to Scooper's homepage there are updated versions which are compatible with FF3! :)

  • A real life saver. This is a great piece of kit. In fact, like many other firefox plugins it is absolutely invaluable to me now.

  • Love this! Big thx to author! Pease, make this compatible with FF3!

  • Love this add-on. please make it compatible with firefox 3.0


  • I love this addon. It combined with Key Scrambler makes surfing that much more secure.

    Please make Firefox 3.0 version.

  • Really hope that this will be avaible in 3.0!

  • Love this ext, but would love it even more if I could use sizes up to at least 32 or 64!

  • Must have addon!

  • Absolute must have plugin. This plugin is holding me back from using FF3.

  • Both the issues from my previous review have been resolved. The addon is nearly perfect (could use import/export options), and I use it literally every day.
    Also, Taiyoko, the latest version supports 3.5 but hasn't been approved. It can be found here: http://wijjo.com/PasswordHasherInstall

  • This add-on is invaluable for anyone who does a significant amount of "business" online. It helps insure that a stolen password will not result in a costly identity theft. It also negates most of the risk of falling for a phishing scam by guessing site tags.

    I do have a couple of caveats, though. The add-on does not remember if you click the "No special characters" option. While that may be for security reasons, it can lead to a lot of frustration. Also, this add-on is not yet compatible with Firefox 3.