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  • For Firefox 57: Use Password Hasher NG:
  • Thanks for this one. It worked great for many years!
    From Firefox 57 on use: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/password-hasher/
  • Best PW Addon ever, I need a Update for Firefox 57
  • It works very well in conjunction with Android app HashIt! and allows a high productivity while forcing you to use different passwords at every site and never storing them anywhere.

    It would be a huge pain if this Add-on ceases to work with Firefox 57+. Hopefully, it is ported.

    EDIT: There is the new add-on "Password Hasher Plus", which
    is Firefox 57+ compatible. But it has another limitation...
  • so nice !
  • Works well 90% of the time. Some sites seem to be written so that I can't click the little icon to use Password Hasher, however. I give it 4.6 stars for sheer genius, and ability to use a master 'key' (any word(s) I can easily remember) to generate nice random ones. Recommended.
  • Super
  • ممتاز
  • This works great. There are compatible plug-ins for Chrome and Android as well. That makes it very convenient even when working from a computer which is not your own . I do wish the author would update this to be more like the Chrome vision though. That one give stronger security options and the convenience of working directly in the current form field.
  • Very good add-on.
  • This addon is an absolute must-have.

    BTW, I'm using it in a way to include the login name in the ID (something like "mozilla:ChiefBromden"). This way, I don't need to remember anything except for a single password.
  • It's not working in 9.0.1.
    There is nowhere icon to find? Through Tools/Password Hasher, menu/options wont open?
    Through Add-on manager, I can open options, but some settings are disabled (custom options):

  • Really wonderful addon, thank you very much. My only problem is that when there is a country code at the of the address, the domain guessing algorithm only handles the *.co.* case but not *.com.* (or edu, org, gov etc.). I think this unnecessarily hinders the use of the addon with non-US and UK sites and, as far as I can see, it can easily be fixed in the passhass-common.js file.
  • Password Hasher makes it easy for me and my family to use strong passwords at all web sites. The kids get their own master passwords (which I record), my wife and I each get one for normal use, and my wife and I share another for critical accounts (like the bank web site). So long as the master passwords are reasonably strong, we get highly secure passwords for every site we visit.

    There is a little room for improvement however: PH wants the ability to control the list of special characters, by site, and to transfer settings among computers.
  • This creates a nice cryptogram that increases security. You don't remember 1 password per site now, you remember 1 master password and combine it with an easy to remember word per site, which oddly is more secure. Without looking further, I wish I knew the algorithm so I could generate it on paper as needed.
  • One of my fewer, but best addons. But please give an option to set more special character in my passwords.

    Now they looks example "Oriu6A(akVH9zm00TjIciR"

    Better is "bO(+XY[,mAHv2>QteQ`=$5x]x#>DA"

    Thank you.
  • İt's simple and useful. Thanks.
  • Works just fine with Firefox 4.0b4pre. =)
  • Hi,

    is there a way to store the master key?
    I do not want to tipp it every time I register.
    Maybe conent it with the Firefox Masterpassword?
    With best regards
  • To the developer, your idea is grand, but one thing these password keepers have overlooked. When someone takes their computer to be repaired by a third party, this third party now can hack all your passwords stored on your computer.

    Is there a way for the owner of the passwords to protect them from intrusive eyes? How do I keep some stranger working on my computer from breaking into my password keeper?
  • This add-on is a must. Clearly documented and delivered with "redundancy" tools (portable page and web site page) to avoid being ever blocked.
    @socialworker: works perfectly here on Lucid Lynx 64-bit, with Firefox 3.6.3.
    Just one question: how to make a shortcut (as for the Calculator extension) to launch password hasher directly ?
  • Trouble on Firefox 3.6 Linux: After Installing the Add-on Firefox won't start. A full re-installation was necessary! This error was repeatable on several systems.
  • Flashblock, Adblock Plus, Password Hasher. I wouldn't venture onto the 'net without these three addons. 'Nuff said.

    @Claude-Eric: I find that it's better to append the user ID to the master password rather than the site tag. If you change the site tag, PH will remember the changed version next time you visit, and it's inconvenient to be tinkering with the site tag every time.

    That's also how I deal with "security" questions (which of course are the biggest security HOLE if you use a strong password): I use the same site tag, and append the last word of the question, in all lowercase, to my master password. Works great.
  • Yeah, I'm having the same issues about the button d1128218 mentioned. sometimes you have to click into a website till u can use it properly. not till then the button shows up, which also alters the website a bit so you don't click the right position...
    unfortunately it drove me crazy so in uninstalled. hopefully this will be fixed soon.