NoLongerTrue Update Rated 1 out of 5 stars

DnsStuff, the company PassiveRecon apparently connects to if you just hit the button (my mistake-I had forgotton all those GoThroughTOR instructions) gave me a call back a few minutes ago (7:27/10) and they were NOT happy campers - they are *not* involved in "putting together add-ons for Firefox" or anything else besides providing PRIVATE for-profit security help to folks operating major networks - while they will give you a free trial, it APPEARS someone with a corporate account is opening it to the whole world of Firefox users without buying sufficient seats. Yeh, I'm not the World's Greatest Capitalist, but to do this *without* telling the user they're involved and involving TOR in (at DnsStuff's prices) grand theft just doesn't seem quite fair...{Note [th]e WTP is no more, WTP Associates, an unincorporated group of designers discovered WTP has been stolen by what the Southern Poverty Law Center designated as a "hate group" - shows the value of a copyright - in honor of those who founded the bunch and one of our P's suffering from a terrible cancer in alphabetical order, we are NP2RS -30 years and we still don't even have a garage.}

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (1.02).