64 reviews for this add-on
  • Please UPDATE the add-on!
  • Please UPDATE the add-on!
  • Please update. Its simply the best
  • Excellent product - I now rely on this for firefox - I'd never be able to manually complete the zillions of website logons without PassiFox.

    Needs a FF Quantum version - I'm holding back from this update until a few more addin's get updates, then will make the leap

    I'd love to be using PassiFox when I do - please update. otherwise, sadly, I will need to find another way to link Firefox to KeePass
  • Great extension - needs an update for FF57
  • This add-on is great but will it be updated to work with firefox quantum?
  • Breaks Firefox Sync
  • Works alright, but breaks Firefox Sync session whenever the browser is closed (requiring you to log in and verify email every time), and also breaks auto-redirect after login on most websites.
  • Needs update to work seamlessly on newer FF.
  • This Add-on is not compatible with my Browser version. It seems that it needs an older (and therefore less secure) version :(
  • If someone want, can use fork / rebuild from chromeIPass. It work form me on FF55, but there were some script errors in first use, but no more. I ignored this errors and test this WebExt. and it works... Thank you and I hold my thumbs ...

  • "This add-on is not compatible with your version of Firefox."

    It would be sooo nice if you could fix that asap, will update to 5 stars then <3.
  • dont know if it because keepassfox doesnt uninstall itself
  • для андроид нет
  • Works fine with community version of KeePass (which includes KeePassHttp)
  • A plus would be the possibility to generate new passwords and save them into KeePass / KeePassX.
  • Not compatible with multiprocess.
    At this point this add-on should already work with it. Keefox, which is a similar add-on, is already compatible.
  • PassFox,очень уступает Keepassync google хотя построение приложений одинаковое,но Keepassync не отображает пароли внутри браузера,люди вы хотябы взгляните в браүзер когда даете доступ PassFox он все пароли вытаскивает в браузер ,да и keepassync работает быстрее и ошибок меньше,я еще раз убедился что рулит Google
    ,и плагины лучше и ведет себя как мужик,сказал ему не сохроняй пароли он слушается а Mozilla как баба везде свой нос сует,говоришь ему нет , а он из подтишка свое делает...
  • It is working again since Firefox 49.0.2 !
    I tried someting differnt in between but that wasn't as seamless as this one.
    So I'm glad it is working again now!
  • It works, all I expect.
  • This Add-on is absolute great. Since Version 49.0.1 the auto-fill is not working anymore. Right now you will have to insert the user and password manually via right click. Would be pretty neat if it could be fixed. Then it would be full 5 stars.
  • Doesn't work after installing Firefox 49.0.1. No errors. Just doesn't work.
  • The update to version 49 crashed the addon. Only Right-Click "Fill..." works but no auto-fill... Currently, I'm using KeeFox now, but I hope it will be fixed soon.

    EDIT: It works again (with version 1.2.1), thx!
  • Keep showing annoying notifications in Firefox like "KeePassHTTP is not running" and there is no option to disable it!
    EDIT: Found the solution.
    Go to Firefox's config page "about:config"
    Set "extensions.passifox.notification.kpf-running-note" to "false"
  • Hi developer

    Passlfox is a great addon for Keepass but after installing the Passlfox, my firfox sync function was broken down.

    I have to login to my sync function when i open firefox. Your addon is great but this problem was annoying. Please fix it

    Thanks and best regards