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  • Thank You! Love when things just work! Seriously simple to use!
  • Having had the unpleasant experience of switching to FireFox from Chromium recently, I'm less keen on using password managers built-in to the browser.

    That said, although I've wanted to use the 'pass' password manager for some time, I *needed* it to work in the browser. If I couldn't get this to work, then I'd probably end up ditching pass and go looking for something else.

    However, to my delight, It Just Worked (tm). I'd spent half an hour configuring and setting up pass, and in comparison the setup for PassFF was really simple - and it worked first time!

    A fantastic job!
  • Well, I hate to confirm the naysayers, but this addon Just Doesn't Work™. I have pass installed and working just fine, I followed the installation instructions to the letter, but the script to install the host app appears to do nothing and the "Troubleshooting" section of the instructions doesn't list the error the addon is giving me ("Connection to the host app failed or returned an unexpected result! Make sure you have the latest version of the PassFF host app installed by following the official installation instructions." - which is exactly what I did, and I'm still getting the error.)

    It's been a pleasant couple of hours thinking that this would actually work with my copy of firefox, but I'm uninstalling and getting on with my life now.
  • Just work. Nothing more. Great.
  • Love it. Not sure about the problems some other users had, this extension Just Works™️ for me and does so beautifully! Much love and gratitude to the maintainers for their hard work!
  • Seldom have I found any firefox app so difficult to fully install, configure and use. Make that NEVER. Use of github utils. should always signal a yellow alert for severe mal-use of English, but the lack of clear documentation for the use of gpg, kgpg, qtpass, zx2c4 (how does one even SPELL that???) and only then, passff makes this daunting, even for one with 12 years of linux experience and a masters degree in comp. sci. like I have.

    Using password protected .odt file stored on a thumb drive to hold site logins and passwords is just as effective and much simpler. Makes this extension unnecessary, too.
    In fact, PassFF is an extension for users of the password manager called "pass" written by Jason A. Donenfeld of zx2c4.com. If you don't know this password manager or don't know how to set it up, this extension won't be of any help for you, I'm afraid.

    It's beyond the scope of this extension to introduce new users to the dis-/advantages and to the usage of "pass".
  • Very rough around the edges. The fuzzy searching is more of an annoyance than a bonus when trying to auto-fill/auto-send. In that case it can even be a security risk. For example, it filled my banking account into Github's login page.. err

    Adding new entries can't be done either. You'll have to do that through the terminal or other application which uses `pass`.

    Has a lot of potential once polished.
    The security issue that you point to has already been addressed by implementing a "warning about potential phishing sites". This warning is optional as is the auto-fill feature that you refer to.

    Adding new entries is possible via the toolbar menu using the "+" button.
  • Best Pass Firefox integration Allows for search based on definable criteria not just hard coded or filename
  • Great extension, really useful
  • Unusable with dark theme!
    browserpass-ce is better
    We can't see any issues with the default dark theme that comes with Firefox. If you want, you can add an issue to our issue tracker describing your exact setup: https://github.com/passff/passff/issues
  • Works great, new polish and features on every releases.
  • even if it "works" , it cannot handle most websites. You are very lucky if you find a site where this is working.
    A lot of work and very little reward when using this. Just stick with built-in manager, itz much better.

    as the developer himself says: "beta". not working here on Arch-Linux. First install is total FAIL. .py file gets truncated during install. tested in ff 59 and ff ESR. both are total FAIL. there should be more info how to debug this simple thing and working examples given, e.g. on which site it even works and where to put the weird stuff with the < and > or whatever. Has some potential though, since both KwalletCLI and GNOME-keyring both are rendered obsolete crap now in current FF v.58 so passFF could step into the fray.
    ---- hours later ----
    OK, I got it to "work" after doing everything manually. I was almost done with programming my own webextension. The py app (called "native" thingy or whatever) install failed 100%
    I had to correct the path in the JSON file . Then from add-on menu choose "debug passff" web-extension, see if debugger console shows errors. if need be set breakpoint with CTRL-B , a hidden function.

    but even if it "works" - such as "Goto, Fill and Submit" works for website https://identity.kde.org/index.php?r=site/login - the normal ffox passwd manager is much more convenient. you have to enter each passwd manually into the addon, even type the passwd TWO times. what an ordeal. its easier to enter passwd everytime manually than to use this "tool". very, very beta. needs better explanation.

    Maybe I'm gonna mod and fork this thing so it becomes useable. In those 4 hours I wasted on this thing, I could have typed thousands of bloody passwords.
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