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"by psjimm on July 17, 2013 · permalink

Not everyone shares my discombobulation, I'm sure. Perhaps I can't see the forest for the trees? Maybe it's due to my 45 year umbilical-like attachment to computers.
NOTE: One star only because it was required. Please imagine a 'minus' sign preceding the star. since the egregious waste of time is far too often of little or no concerned to those guilty of it's squander.
I finally got around to trying this add-on, again, with no change in the results.
I got 50 pages of Facebook Help Wanted solicitations.
Windows 7 Ultimate, Firefox 22.0, a long time user of FF and available add-ons, forty-years of daily computer use. Never surprised by technology that comes with a rather time-consuming learning curve. Got used to that, starting with Windows 3.1 all the way up with every subsequent version, to Win 7. THIS is easy. It's hard to replace an operating system but an add-on that doesn't function from the git-go? Click Remove. Move on. Not sure if I HAVE to select at least one star, if so perhaps I can nudge up a minus sign next to it...
I suppose that I have an unspoken moral obligation to provide whatever helpful information I deem relevant however it was touch and go: I cannot believe that my disappointing experience is a singular, unique event, that, at the very minimum, some caveat might have been included to prevent the wasting of so much of my time. That's the insult. You guys own that.

Did the add-on work as you expected it to?
No, it did not.

What features did you like or dislike?
I can only speak for the one feature that I did experience: Facebook needs to hire a professional employment agency to acquire staffing. The 50 duplicate pages scrolling by were hardly an aphrodisiac, even to the millions still unemployed.
This feature was not expected nor appreciated however illustrative of problems encountered when exponential growth encounters a limited and unskilled inventory of available staff.
Was it useful?
Perhaps to Facebook. Perhaps to the Add-On Devs. Depends if they can effect the significant changes to make the product functionally useful to an internet neo-phyte, which I expect is their target market, fug-git-about-it if they're aiming at the more experienced.
Was it easy to use?
Sure. 50 clicks told me all I needed to know.
Will you continue to use this add-on?
No. Too many other Add-Ons that provide quality results to go along with their marketing claims.
This is all the time that I am willing to make available for this dysfunctional offering.
Not interested in any further dialog...."

this guys an idiot... this addon, does EXACTLY what the description says it does... go to customize toolbars... put icon on any toolbar.... when ona page that has, any NEXT, PREVIOUS, <, >, <<, >>, ANYTHING like that, even just numbers... click icon... and pages load automatically.... just like the description says.

the ONLY thing I would want to see, is a way to set auto zipper to be on by default when you open FF, other than that, its perfect...

i think this psjimm guy just wanted some place to prove that he knows big words... cuz none of that review makes ANY sense... this addon does exactly what it says, it does NOT load 50 identical pages like this guy claims... i think maybe the instructions were much to complicated...

o and another thing i found funny, he says "forty-years of daily computer use." then continues to say, "starting with Windows 3.1 all the way up with every subsequent version, to Win 7." thats funny, because, windows 3.1 was released in 1992... which is 21 years ago... EVEN if he had said from MSDOS all the way up blahblah... msdos was released in 1981... 32 years ago... yet he has fourty years of DAILY computer use? whata tool, get the f out..

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