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  • autopager不能用后,找到的最好用的一个插件。谢谢!
  • wonderful extension but it would b better if it work automatically
  • Finally a extension working good as is discretion
    Please the extension didn't work on some manga website
    Please add the buttons on the chin not on header thanks
  • Does what it says it would do. Only problem I found is that links to file downloads on the page became broken. Still beats clicking next and waiting for the page to load every time!
  • Excellent add-on! A must have!
  • Finally, an extension that lets me forego the "Next" link at the bottom of web pages.

    With the older versions of FF, I'd become dependent on "Space Bar Next" so that I could flip through multiple pages without having to click on a link. Unfortunately, all of the contenders as a replacement don't work. PageZipper, however, eliminates the need for even hitting the space bar and simply presents the next page below the preceding one... so you just scroll and scroll and scroll.

    Strong work, Jonathan Koomjian!!
  • I had used autopager before 3 years ago. Then AutoPager is abandoned. I found this add-on and loved very much. Thank you alot.
  • Great addon, works as intended!!
    Can it be possible to remember compatibility setting for individual websites.
    Also can you please add exclude list, as adding google.com to whitelist breaks mail.google.com.
  • Ersetzt Autopager. Funktioniert erstaunlich gut.
  • Great replacement for AutoPager!
  • it didnt save time much because i must click it to activate it if i open a new page
  • Please automatize the extension so that by default it works with every page.
  • What the heck man!!! this is save my uncountable time. Thanks developer. Please keep udate
  • Kept this add-on as it works with pages where others don't.

    The whitelist does not work with sites for domains which end in a country. For example, www.yahoo.com.ru

    Suggest to add an option to remove the pop-up toolbar on the top right hand corner.

    Suggest the option to remove the icon from the toolbar and access the options from the Tools menu.
  • Loads only first few links from yandex and stops loading next ones.
    Can't load endless list of pages.
    Lack of user options.
    Sometimes it loads first page after last page.
  • Hello,

    I have just installed your Pagezipper addon and have an issue. It works but it has an odd issue of adding pages after the ending page. For example, https://forums.spacebattles.com/threads/going-mental-worm-au-ra2-metal-omega.476644/

    When I use Pagezipper on the link above, it correctly renders all 5 pages but then goes beyond page 5 by adding page 4 and 3 after page 5. In diagram form, 1>2>3>4>5>4>3

    Thats my issue on that site. My version of Firefox is 51.0.1 (32 bit)

    I have already submitted the url to your report page. Thank you.
  • All I need for this addon is to be able to switch it on by default :) It shouldnt be much of an effort to do, should it?
    In the latest release, you can make PageZipper run by default. Go to Tools -> Addons, scroll down to PageZipper, and click preferences. On this page you can add any domain. The next time you visit a page on that domain, PageZipper will automatically run.
  • I checked issues mentioned by reviewer Anonymous-12033264 concerning previous version and hourra they no longer apply to this latest 1.5 version.
    Works nicely, and the whitelist (with moreover the option to discard a site's homepage) is a most welcomed enhancement.
    PageZipper is the only add-on of its kind and having it updated is a return to one of those I find really useful.
  • sorry, it works
  • I'm posting here what I've mentioned to the author via email (2015-10-31) because I've received no answer at this time :

    I'm running PageZipper on Firefox 42.0 64-BIT (now 44.0) / Windows 7 64-BIT.

    With PageZipper active (green icon and overlay on page) if I click a link which will open the destination page in a new tab when I return to the original page (that handled by PageZipper), PageZipper is no longer active (icon no longer green - overlay on page disappeared (logical if PageZipper non-active) - loaded pages remain though (as if I had myself deactivated PageZipper).

    This does not happen with PageZipper Version which I use consequently for the time being. I have no problems with version except one slight page layout (an extra space at the top) noticed up to now only with encryped.google.com (the only way I call Google except for its news).

    I'm bringing this issue because I'd wish to use as always the latest version, here that of PageZipper, but cannot because of above mentioned.
    Autopaging, be it as an add-on or as a script with Firefox anyway is on the decline not to mention its heaviness. PageZipper is really a valuable tool for eternal scrolling.

    What more to say? My hope for the continuation of PageZipper and of course my thanks for your work. There is no alternative at this time to PageZipper, it is unique!

    EDIT : I'm reposting because not only the developer doesn't answer but the comment had been removed.
    I repeat, above mentioned occurs occasionally, with the add-on when strangely never with the bookmarklet (which calls the script at the developer's homepage) which means it's related to the add-on's integration to Firefox as an add-on.
    The thing is good otherwise, why doesn't the developer answer?
    Hi, I've just released a new version of PageZipper which should fix the problem with the tabs. It will be available as soon as the Mozilla folks complete their review.
  • Good addon